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Below is an Overview Index for the writings on the Seven Foundations for the Priesthood of the Believer. This Index is also available as a PDF which you can view or download by clicking on one of the two icons on this page. To view the writings, click on the title. PDF files and Zip files (containing pdf and Word documents) can be downloaded on this page.

Here is a Brief Explanation of all Seven Foundations.


FOUNDATION 1: Repentance

Repentance in all its dimensions – The Gate to the Kingdom

1.1 Repentance from Dead Works
   Repent from Sins
   Repent and be Baptized
   Repent or Likewise Perish
   Repent or be Vomited Out
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FOUNDATION 2: Faith Towards God

2.1 Faith Toward God – Forgiveness of Sins
   The Bronze Altar in the Tabernacle of God
   The First Stage of Salvation
   Forgiveness of Sins (plural)
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2.2 The Bronze Altar
   The Bronze Altar
   The Sacrifice of Calvary
   Forgiveness of Sins /Salvation / Regeneration / Redemption / Reconciliation / Conversion
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2.3 The Foundations for Maturity
   Realms of Our Great Salvation: Dimensions of Maturity
   Correcting Our Thought Patterns to Adjust to the Ascending Realms
   Hearing His Communications in Three Distinct Realms
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FOUNDATION 3: Removing the Old Garments

3.1 Removing the Old Garments
   Introduction to the 3rd Foundation
   The Kingdom Seekers
   The Current Situation with Fellowship
   Removing the old manner of life and lifestyle in all its dimensions
   Radically altering our old source of life
   Living in the Eternal Realm, NOW!
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FOUNDATION 4: Water Baptism

4.1 Introduction to Water Baptism
   Foundations for the Kingdom Priesthood
   Frustration of the Status Quo
   Tolerating the Old Man in the Assemblies
   Being Content with a Nursery for Baby Christians
   "But, Brother, We Are Still Doing the Best We Can"
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4.2 The EXPERIENCE of Water Baptism
   The Gospel of Baptism in Water
   The Essential nature of Baptism as it Relates to Eternity
   The Laws of Baptism and the Laws of the Kingdom
   Birth in the Waters of Baptism
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FOUNDATION 5: Resurrection from the Dead

5.1 Resurrection by the Holy Spirit
   Clothed with Christ
   Installing the Priest’s Garments
   Functioning within the Garments; Christ!
   The Living Garments - That You may NOT Die!
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FOUNDATION 6: Baptism in the Holy Spirit

6.1a The Anointing with the Holy Spirit
   The Fulness off the Seven Spirits of God
   The Fulness of Him Who Fills All in All
   The Basic Introduction to the Sixth Foundation
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6.1b The Anointing — Fulness
   The Fulness of the Seven Spirits of God
   The Anointing with the Holy Spirit
   The Fulness Of the Seven Spirits of God
   The Fulness Of Him Who Fills All in All
   The Basic Introduction to the Sixth Foundation
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6.2 The Anointing with the Holy Spirit
   The Baptism (the Immersion) In the Holy Spirit
   Preparation for the Priesthood
   The New Covenant Promise of the Father
   Equipped With the Basic Gifts of the Holy Spirit
   Receiving The Basic Experience
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6.3 How Does the Full Foundation Function?
   What can We Expect When All Seven Foundations Are Laid?
   How Will the Ministry Be Elevated To Higher Dimensions?
   What Examples Have Been Given To Indicate The Next Dimension?
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6.4a Grasping the Magnitude of the Work of the Holy Spirit
   The Application Of Foundation
   Being Clothed With the Spirit As He Comes Upon Us
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6.4b Grasping the Magnitude of the Work of the Holy Spirit
   The Application of this Foundation
   Being Clothed With the Spirit As He Comes Upon Us
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6.4c The Work of the Holy Spirit
   Examples of How The Holy Spirit Functions
   The New Covenant and the Holy Spirit
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6.4d The Practical Application of the 7 Spirits of God
  The Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation
  The Next Restoration Of The Holy Place Life
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6.5 Our Life Union with Christ
   The Seven Spirits Of God Working Within Our Life Union With Christ
   The Abiding Life and Bearing Fruit
   The Fruitless Church and the Ultimate Failure
   The New Covenant Fruit is Much Different from the Popular Concept
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FOUNDATION 7: Consecration Offering

7.1 Consecration Offering – Holy Place Life & Ministry
   Making the Transition to the Holy Place Life and Ministry
   Passing the Second Veil
   The Kingdom: Priesthood Preparation
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7.2 Consecration Offering – Priesthood
   The Consecration of the New Innerman
   The Consecration of the Priests: The Invisible Realm
   The Priesthood after the Order of Melchizedek
   The Kingdom of Priests
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7.3 Consecration Offering – Personal Mount Zion
   Why should we be concerned about our Personal Zion?
   Does Mount Zion precede the Tabernacle of David?
   How do we participate in the Tabernacle of David?
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7.4 Consecration Offering – Zion, the Place of God's Rest
   Let us Press On to Enter That Rest
   The Antithesis – Unbelief = Disobedience = No Rest
   Mount Zion and Zion and the Key Word: “Obedience”
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