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7 Foundations – (7.1) – Consecration Offering – Holy Place Life & Ministry

Making the Transition to the Holy Place Life and Ministry

Passing the Second Veil

The Kingdom: Priesthood Preparation

Leo Fenton (Original February 17, 2014, revised November 2018)

It is certainly true that the “church” is in a special period of transition that is unique to this time period.

“How do you know that?”

Pastors, leaders and ministers, who in the past have only wanted to hear about evangelism and sowing seeds – but ignoring the harvest– are looking for something new.

In years past they refused to hear anything about growth, maturity and function in the “visible church” but they are now beginning to understand the responsibility of leadership to produce HARVEST!

A few, now, are understanding that leadership is not just a career, a position or a title, but Kingdom leadership requires accepting a grave responsibility before God for their “finished product” because each one must answer to God at the time of judgement for their work!

Identifying “work” with “harvest” was a strange concept over past years. Over the last 35 years we have focused upon the last of the Outer Court experiences that must be restored and completed “experientially” in the personal life of each “minister!” Why? That is because the “minister” must first qualify before he can fully begin an authentic New Covenant Ministry.

“But why is this different?”

We are now identifying New Covenant ministry with “harvest!”

“But, brother, why is qualifying for a New Covenant ministry different from what we see today?”

That is because “denominational qualifications” depend upon “education” and adhering to certain doctrines and tradition.

However, God’s qualifications depend upon having the correct:

  • foundations,
  • preparations and
  • character.

This qualification is not just outward but also demands a transformation inwardly! The New Covenant minister is prepared by the removal of the many hindrances to spirituality, that are inherent within each of us, as well as the addition of the eternal characteristics of the new species which are essential to a valid New Covenant ministry.

By just “learning the ministry in a classroom” no eliminations of hindrances nor eternal additions are required. This “natural” kind of “preparation,” which is simply by education related to the outer man, is insufficient for New Covenant ministry.

God’s severe dealings in the person, along with the removal of defects and carnality, cannot be avoided in the next level of ministry. Therefore, ego centric, domineering, heavy handed leadership, based upon personality and human charisma cannot be present in the New Covenant minister.

For a standard denominational education no new inner man is necessary and no inner growth is required. Why” This “preparation” is like eating from the Tree of Knowledge! The problem is this: We can learn “ministry” without being His disciple. Being “His disciple” means we are being taught by God! Being “taught by God” involves a complete transformation from first Adam to the Last Adam. “Why is this “transformation” essential?” That is because the Priesthood Ministry is not about sharing knowledge but about ministering Life!

Hebrews 7:15-16

15 And this is clearer still, if another Priest arises according to the Likeness of Melchizedek,

16 Who has become such not on the basis of a law of physical requirement, but according to the Power of an Indestructible Life.

This is why all the proper Seven (7) Foundations must become experiential in the minister before a New Covenant ministry can begin! Why? This “exchange” is related to the qualifications. Why? That is because these Foundations both remove corrupt things and add the essential things to qualify for the New Covenant Kingdom ministry.

“Can you explain that in more detail?”

None of us are born again with a functioning Kingdom Government within. Even when we are baptized in water or baptized in the Holy Spirit we may still lack sufficient Government within for us to qualify. Why? Unless we have a functioning and experiential Kingdom Government within, our message of the Kingdom will lack reality and Life.

When the outer man holds the dominion over the inner person it will affect his ministry and no New Covenant ministry can be practiced! Why? That is because New Covenant ministry must proceed from the new inner man. Why?

All New Covenant, Priesthood ministry must proceed from the new inner man whose Source and provision is the Living and Abiding Word of God being anointed by the indwelling Holy Spirit. It is for these reasons that the “seven (7) Foundational experiences” (revealed in the Outer Court) have been predetermined by God and are non-negotiable. Why? The “minister” must be separate from and be free from all influence or dominion or inheritance or attributes connected to first Adam. That means the “minister” must be a new creation and of a New Covenant species before he can be freed to become a proper minister of the New Covenant Provision.

We cannot detach the New Covenant experience from the Kingdom experience or from the Priesthood experience! These are all interrelated and essential for the ministry of the new inner man. This “introduction” of the “MINISTRY” of a New Covenant inner man, rather than the “normal” ministry of the outer man, may be quite controversial. Releasing the new inner man for “ministry” is the theme of this document!

Therefore, regardless of our basic six (6) Foundations, which must be experiential, we cannot ignore the last (seventh) of the Outer Court Foundations. Why? That is because it is the seventh (7th) foundational experience that releases the new inner man for ministry. This seventh (7th) Outer Court Foundation/preparation experience is the Consecration Offering.

It is my theory that the lack of this seventh personal preparation experience in the “minster” has resulted in the lack of producing a genuine, practical, experiential and effective New Covenant ministry. Revelation is intricately linked to the new inner man who is intricately linked to the Living and Abiding Word of God Who is intricately linked to the indwelling Holy Spirit. It is this combination that is intricately linked to the Priesthood after the Order of Melchizedek. This may be a new thought to many believers but the New Covenant Kingdom and Priesthood Ministry is completed by the functioning Body of Christ, (a corporate Priesthood) rather than just by individual professional ministers!

It is for that reason that very little authentic New Covenant Kingdom ministry has been practiced effectively in this dispensation! This “dispensation” is identified as “the Church Age” from the first Pentecost to the beginning of the Great Tribulation.

We assume that it was the “church” (the brethren) that turned the “world upside down” during the early church times. The literal Greek says “they stirred up revolt!” Of course, the Scripture is clear, it is reported that they went everywhere preaching the Kingdom of God and persuading about Jesus. A corporate group was causing an impact upon the world around them. By the year 100 AD there was very little evidence that this trend continued. It seems obvious that this failure to affect the world around us is quite evident today!

I have been aware, for many years, of my own failure in these areas, and the lack of this kind of ministry power but the reason was not so clear. If what I am sharing is valid then the “reason for our failure” may be getting clearer! Unfortunately, I have misunderstood the New Covenant reality of the Consecration Offering and specifically the Whole Burnt Offering!

We have retained the Old Testament title and therefore, we have called it “the Consecration Offering!” When the priests were consecrated, there were two rams and the bull offered as the Consecration Offering! These three animals were offered along with other things but in this study, we are focusing upon the “WHOLE BURNT OFFERING!”

The details of these “Consecration Offerings” are found in Exodus 28 and 29 and also in Leviticus 8 and 9. It was only following these offerings that the Old Covenant priests could begin their Holy Place function. That is the picture we want to present in this study. When the anointed priests laid their hands on the heads of the rams and the bull, as they were slaughtered, the priests were identifying their life with these deaths. These deaths, of the outer bodies and then consumed in the fire as whole burnt offerings, related to the total commitment of the priests of their life!

“But, Brother, why do you identify these sacrifices with New Covenant Ministry?”

That is because it is revealed in Hebrews 8 that the Old Covenant priesthood is a copy and shadow of the New Covenant Priesthood! This includes the offerings! It is because of that understanding that we are confident to make this comparison and application to include the “Consecration Offering” as part of the New Covenant Priesthood preparation.

However, in this study we want to point out some deficiency in the former studies. We want to apply the Consecration to the new inner man rather than just to the outer man. Still, both “men” are dealt with by the Consecration. This is the reason why we now think some correction is necessary. For these many years we have shared the consecration of the body

{offering our body to God as a living sacrifice– Romans 12} so the outward man could serve God.

Now, after many years, it has become clear that God never intended for the outward man to ever serve Him as a minister of the New Covenant. Why? By the fact that this “offering” was a whole burnt offering, it appears that “ministry” was not intended to be just outward and by the outer man.

II Corinthians 3:5-10

5 Not that we are adequate in ourselves to consider anything as coming from ourselves, but our adequacy is from God,

6 who also made us adequate as servants of a New Covenant, not of the letter, but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives Life.

7 But if the ministry of death, in letters engraved on stones, came with glory, so that the sons of Israel could not look intently at the face of Moses because of the glory of his face, fading as it was,

8 how shall the ministry of the Spirit fail to be even more with Glory?

9 For if the ministry of condemnation has glory, much more does the ministry of Righteousness abound in Glory.

10 For indeed what had glory, in this case has no glory on account of the Glory that surpasses it.

Of course, most everyone, who relate to modern ministry, are very familiar with these verses and agree to the inadequacy of the outer man for New Covenant ministry. Still, they see no alternative to the outward ministry because the pulpit ministry demands it. Therefore, it is quite easy and “normal” to know the verse but be unaware of its depth and meaning or its application to personal experience.

Even the “doctrine” of Consecration may be known and taught but ignore the “experience of Consecration” which is quite different! It is this “experience of consecration” that is essential for New Covenant ministry to adequately proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom. This “qualification” is not widely received as relevant today.

“How can you make ridiculous statements like that, Brother?”

We know the New Covenant ministry is happening every Sunday! Why?

“Because our pastor shares Bible verses and makes an altar call every Sunday. He even mentions the Kingdom sometimes!”

Many have assumed that by reading and explaining Bible verses from the pulpit and then singing some songs that IS the New Covenant ministry! After many years we have seen the fruit of that concept does not lead to a mature church demonstrating a Kingdom Life! We can shallowly summarize these verses from II Corinthians 3 by reducing this tremendous understanding down to a single explanation.

Our adequacy in serving God within the New Covenant is NOT in the outward man (adequacy in our selves) but ONLY within the New Covenant man. This is “in the spirit man” or “in the new inner man.” By now, at least some of us will recognize the difference between the “ministry of death” and the “ministry of the Spirit / Life.

Too many of those we know do not seem to know the difference and continue the “ministry of facts, information and Bible knowledge” and call that preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Even though we have been sharing on the “new inner man” and his function for many years, now we discover what we were sharing, while true, was still too shallow for the next restoration of the Priesthood after the Order of Melchizedek.

“Why is this now relevant?”

That is because the next restoration (the Holy Place Life and Ministry) is restricted to the new inner man or the New Covenant man! Why? That is because ONLY the new inner man can ever be a priest after the Order of Melchizedek. The outer man can ONLY be a priest after the order of Aaron! Still, the outer man can be an orthodox pulpit minister. Nevertheless, the New Covenant Priesthood ministry is directly related to the Holy Place Life and Ministry. Why?

The Holy Place Ministry is directly related to the Pure Gold Lampstand Church which Jesus, our High Priest, is building! Since only the priests were authorized to enter the Holy Place, we conclude that all New Covenant believers are expected to become priests and then form a Kingdom of Priests. God has been so gracious to reveal how the priesthood of Aaron is just a copy, a picture, a replica of the true New Covenant Priesthood after the Order of Melchizedek.

Hebrews 8:3-5

3 For every high priest is appointed to offer both gifts and sacrifices; hence it is necessary that this High Priest {Jesus} also have something to offer.

4 Now if He were on earth, He would not be a priest at all, since there are those who offer the gifts according to the Law;

5 who serve a copy and shadow of the heavenly things, just as Moses was warned by God when he was about to erect the tabernacle; for, "SEE," He says, "THAT YOU MAKE all things ACCORDING TO THE PATTERN WHICH WAS SHOWN YOU ON THE MOUNTAIN."

Even as the Tabernacle of Moses was just an earthly copy and shadow of the True Tabernacle in Heaven, which is Eternal, so also, the priesthood of Aaron and his sons is just a copy and shadow of the True Priesthood after the Order of Melchizedek.

Since the Priesthood of Aaron has been done away with because of its inability to bring anyone to perfection, ONLY the New Covenant Priesthood after the Order of Melchizedek remains a viable and functioning Priesthood today. This IS the key for the church to come to perfection of the New Jerusalem.

Therefore, trying to function in some alternative priesthood or even some modification of this New Covenant Priesthood is a big waste of time. Why? That is because God has already determined what He will accept out of His Sovereignty. God has already rejected the priesthood of Aaron, the natural man! Since it was God, in His Purpose and out of His Sovereignty, Who designed the New Covenant Priesthood after the Order of Melchizedek and ordained it for this dispensation, attempting to convince Him that our system or any other system is better and more in tune with local conditions will certainly be rejected and fail. It is for that reason that we are totally confident that the True New Covenant Priesthood Ministry must be RESTORED before the great and terrible Day of the Lord. It is clear “in the type and shadow” that ONLY the valid (cleansed, prepared, washed, clothed, anointed and consecrated) priests were permitted to enter the Holy Place in the earthly Tabernacle!

Therefore, it is clear that in the reality ONLY the chosen, authentic (cleansed, prepared, washed, clothed, anointed and consecrated) priests after the Order of Melchizedek will be authorized to participate in the New Covenant Ministry of the Holy Place.

Of course, all those who refuse to accept the types and shadows and word pictures of the Old Covenant will be unable to accept the Reality of these fulfillments in the New Covenant! It is for that reason that only a few “pioneers” will be able to make this “transition into the Next Restoration” and begin to function beyond the Second Veil.

Just to assume that since the Third Veil was torn from top to bottom when Jesus was crucified, the Second Veil was also torn is just ignorant! Of course, it is true that neither the First nor the Second Veil were torn but that all three Veils must be entered by a genuine, life altering experience! The Old Covenant was directly related to the natural man but also to the temporary earth dimension and to an outward religion.

The New Covenant is directly related to the Eternal Dimension (Revelation 21 and 22) and the new inward man. The Priesthood after the Order of Melchizedek is limited exclusively to the new inner man. It is for that reason that clarifying the study of the Consecration Offering is especially relevant to the transition confronting us today. Why?

This “experience” (the whole burnt offering) is essential to prepare and release the new inner man because only he can function in the New Covenant Priesthood ministry! It is for “the releasing of the new inner man” so he can function in that greater and more demanding Holy Place dimension of ministry that we are sharing in this document.

For that reason, we need to understand the New Covenant provision and the character and function of this new inner man. Why? That is because NONE of the New Covenant provision for ministry is available to the Old Covenant person. However, God has provided quite a bit of information about both the old man and the new inner man!

Colossians 3:8-11

8 But now you also, put them all aside: anger, wrath, malice, slander, and abusive speech from your mouth.

9 Do not lie to one another, since you laid aside the old self with its evil practices,

10 and have put on the new self who is being renewed to a true Knowledge according to the Image of the One Who created him

11 a renewal in which there is no distinction between Greek and Jew, circumcised and uncircumcised, barbarian, Scythian, slave and freeman, but Christ is all, and in all.

The distinction between the old man and the new inner man is the real distinction which identifies and separates the Christian from the unconverted. Why? It is the new inner man who is Christian!

“Brother, do you mean the outer man is not Christian?”

Yes! The outer man is just dirt but the new inner man is born of God. Therefore, he alone can be Christian. The old man is identified as full of anger, wrath, malice, slander, and abusive speech, he is a liar and is identified by his evil practices!

Unfortunately, just remaining as this unconverted person will not keep someone from filling a pulpit or becoming an “orthodox minister!” We can “learn” how to minister by going to school but that will never qualify us to become a New Covenant minister. Why? The new inner man is quite a different creation. He is of an entirely different species of men than first Adam. He is called “the new self” who is a new creation and who is called a new inner man! It is this “new person” who is being renewed (or restored) to a true knowledge

(Greek– epignosis) according to the Image of the One Who created him

Colossians 3:11

11 a renewal (restoration) in which there is no distinction between Greek and Jew, circumcised and uncircumcised, barbarian, Scythian, slave and freeman, but Christ is all, and in all.

Dictionary; epignosis= G1921; recognition, that is, (by implication) full discernment, acknowledgment, full or exact or true knowledge (by implication) “a reality of knowing.”

Since the new inner man is a different species of “man” he is neither male nor female but of a different creation. Male and female (the outward man) were designed to be fruitful and multiply and provide inhabitants for the earth. The new inner man is for an entirely different function that reaches into eternity. If it is just the “new man” sharing (preaching or teaching), whether the outer man is a male or female is not an issue. It is only the new inner man who can participate in this “TRUE KNOWLEDGE” and that is one of the differences in the real New Covenant ministry!

Ministers eating or “participating” in this “True Knowledge” is what we are referring to by the Priests eating the Showbread in the Holy Place! This also is part of the fulfillment of “eating Christ from John 6!” (I AM THE TRUE BREAD etc.) {See the study on the Holy Place in the Tabernacle series}. However, we want to hold to our theme about the new inner man who is designed and predestined to become a priest after the Order of Melchizedek. This will complete his Christian function in the Holy Place Life and Ministry.

Ephesians 4:17-24

17 This I say therefore, and affirm together with the Lord, that you walk no longer just as the Gentiles also walk, {the old man} in the futility of their mind,

18 being darkened in their understanding, excluded from the Life of God, because of the ignorance that is in them, because of the hardness of their heart;

19 and they, having become callous, have given themselves over to sensuality, for the practice of every kind of impurity with greediness.

20 But you did not learn Christ in this way,

21 if indeed you have heard Him and have been taught in Him, just as Truth is in Jesus,

22 that, in reference to your former manner of life, you lay aside the old self, which is being corrupted in accordance with the lusts of deceit,

23 and that you be renewed in the spirit of your mind,

24 and put on the new self, which in the Likeness of God has been created in righteousness and holiness of the Truth.

Here, in the book of Ephesians, we encounter this difference between the new inner man (the new self) and the old man (the old self) which is defined from verse 25 onward. The “Gentile or the unconverted old man” is defined as a liar, angry, a thief, lazy, and speaks a corrupt language, he is walking in the futility of the natural mind, being darkened in his understanding, lacking the Life of God, stupid, callous, sensual, impure and greedy! The new creation inner man, who is the Christian, is just the opposite of the old natural man. We adamantly insist that the old man cannot be Christian. Therefore, ONLY the new inner man can be Christian.

In Colossians 3 the new inner man is created in the IMAGE OF GOD and in Ephesians 4 the new inner man is created in the LIKENESS OF GOD. (Both by the same writer) Therefore, the new inner man is created in the Image and Likeness of God, which was lost in the fall of man! It is Image and Likeness which is regained by the birth of the new creation inner man. It is this “man” who is Image and Likeness who God has called to fulfill His Eternal Purpose.

Trying to prepare the old outward man to fulfill God’s Eternal Purpose has been the cause of my failure in the ministry and has proven to be a big waste of time. My thesis now is this: Attempting to instruct or consecrate the outer man so he can serve God was and still is a big mistake! It is this error that accounts for much of my great failure over the many past years.

Now I hope God has given me the opportunity to correct that misunderstanding and to help raise up genuine New Covenant ministers. My new thesis is that God NEVER intended the natural, outer, old man, or old self to serve Him during the New Covenant dispensation. It seems clear that from the First Pentecost onward, God always wanted the new inner man to serve Him in the New Covenant provision.

God’s New Covenant Plan never included the old man in any ministry! It is for THAT reason that we are redirecting the Consecration Offering toward releasing the new inner man (from the dominion of the old self and outer man, along with the flesh) so he can enter into the New Covenant Priesthood ministry after the Order of Melchizedek! Why?

Those who still “walk in the flesh” are eliminated from pleasing God or from this New Covenant ministry! By now, at least some alert Christians are recognizing that the “ministry,” in its current state, has been unable to move the “visible church” into even the basic stages of mature Christian development.

Since His New Covenant calling is for ALL TRUE BELIEVERS to become involved in ministry, all true believers need to FIRST “go on to Christian maturity!” Nevertheless, in I Corinthians 12 and 14 it is clear that all members are to participate in the assembly.

The signs follow “those who believe” - not just those who have a title.

Mark 16:15-20

15 And He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all creation.

16 He who has believed and has been baptized shall be saved; but he who has disbelieved shall be condemned.

17 And these signs will accompany those who have believed: in My Name they will cast out demons, they will speak with new tongues;

18 they will pick up serpents, and if they drink any deadly poison, it shall not hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover."

19 So then, when the Lord Jesus had spoken to them, He was received up into Heaven, and sat down at the Right Hand of God.

20 And they went out and preached everywhere, while the Lord worked with them, and confirmed the Word by the signs that followed.

The closed “hierarchal church system” we have created now limits preaching the Gospel to just a profession, paid ministry. Obviously, all believers were commissioned to do the ministry! The signs follow “those who believe.” Even if the “believers” are just able to lay the basic seven (7) Foundations, it will be acceptable! Still, we should understand that the believers are all called to one universal New Covenant Priesthood or to become a Kingdom of Priests. All are called to function in “One Body under One Head.” Doing the Will of God or the Will of THE HEAD is not just for leaders but for all believers.

My theory is that we have come to the maximum power, ability and capacity of all those who have limited their function and ministry to the Outer Court dimension of ministry (natural light) that is popular today! There appears to be only the status quo level of understanding available to the visible church because of this severe limitation in the current ministries! This limitation seems to be universal today!

“But, Brother, what is the difference between this existing (pulpit kind of ministry) and the Ministry (Holy Place Priesthood ministry) of the next dimension?”

The Outer Court ministries function by natural ability and in natural light!

“Then, Brother, please explain where we are today in the process of “the restoration” of all things spoken by the prophets?”

Too much of the “ministry” today has been unable to advance the “believers” beyond the basic forgiveness of sins level of salvation! That means neglecting even the experience that is realized by the Baptism in Water. Some have ceased all restoration experiences central to the full New Covenant provision meant for all believers! Many have rejected the New Covenant experience of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and fell far short of the “ANOINTING” that is essential for the Priesthood ministry!

Since this IS the dispensation of the Holy Spirit, every believer must have the fullness of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit just to be a normal believer with signs following! Even though there is NO Biblical reason for it, too much of the visible church has rejected this “restoration” of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit which began universally in 1906 and spread to many countries! This is the sixth Outer Court preparation (the Anointing) in the preparation of the priests after the order of Aaron. This “sixth restoration” continued with the Charismatic movement in 1968.

Much truth and additional experience and additional ministries were restored in those 17 years, but that “movement” ended in 1985! In that nearly 80 years of “restoration of the Anointing,” many of the authentic doctrines and the teaching ministries were restored to the visible church!

However, the disappointing thing was that the genuine experience of the “Full Anointing” stopped short of the fullness of the Holy Spirit and therefore, lacked some reality. Of course, sadly, this “reality” is still lacking in most groups today.

“Well, Brother, isn’t that just more negative criticism?”

Why would you just assume that?

Even during the Charismatic restoration, the “full Anointing or the Fullness of the Spirit” was thought to be just for the full time “ministers” and that the tongues or prophecy was for the believers! Now we know FULLNESS is designed for the entire Body of Christ! We failed to understand that the “Full Anointing” came first upon the Head and then upon the Body at Pentecost.

Even if a few have already experienced the “Full Anointing of the Holy Spirit” and produced the signs that follow, our concern is for the corporate group included in the Seven Spirits of God upon the Lampstand Church He is building. Psalm 133 reveals that the Anointing is from the top of the Head until it flows to the very hem of His garments, encompassing his entire body!

Psalms 133:1-3

1 A Song of Ascents, of David. Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity!

2 It is like the precious oil upon the head, coming down upon the beard, even Aaron's beard, coming down upon the edge of his robes.

3 It is like the dew of Hermon, coming down upon the mountains of Zion; for there the LORD commanded the blessing - life forever.

While this may appear to be the ultimate experience of the blessing and Life forever, even if the corporate group was functioning as the Body in the Fullness of the Spirit, that is still not the end of the Outer Court restoration. Why? That is just the sixth Outer Court Foundation/preparation/experience and so few believers have even experienced this much of Fullness. What is still lacking is the seventh Outer Court experience, which is the Consecration Offering, and then access through the Second Veil. Why? No casual, lukewarm or unprepared believer can go beyond this sixth experiential dimension in the restoration of all things. This includes ANY BELIEVER or minister, regardless of his current position, title or lack of title. Why? That is because “neither some position, title, testimony nor recognition” is a valid or recognizable qualification for this New Covenant Priesthood. Neither the current ministries nor the believers can advance beyond the Second Veil until each one has completed the full Outer Court preparation!

“Then what is lacking?”

According to the type which we are using of the priesthood of Aaron and his sons, only those who had completed all seven (7) of the Outer Court Foundations or preparations were qualified or authorized or permitted to enter through the Second Veil to begin the priesthood ministry in the Holy Place.

“Why are you concerned about that since that is just Old Testament?”

In the paragraphs above we have established that the sixth Outer Court experience began to be restored to the church in 1906 and continued until 1985. Since then NO RESTORATION has taken place. What we have seen (and very little of that) is the maturing of those who have already experienced the last six restorations. Why? That is because of the radical nature of the next restoration.

“What is hindering this ultimate process?”

We can only blame the limited experience of the current level of ministry and their insistence on maintaining the status quo of “hold the course.” It is the SEVENTH Outer Court experience, “THE WHOLE BURNT OFFERING” or the Consecration Offering, that is the next restoration!

“But, Brother, isn’t the “whole burnt offering” (resulting in only ashes) too radical for the modern believer?”

Of course, that is the problem! However, when any of these seven (7) Foundational experiences are lacking the “believers” cannot participate in the New Covenant Priesthood. Why? No casual, lukewarm, unprepared nor immature “believer” can advance to participate in the Holy Place function. Of course, the danger is this; neither can any person who just has a religious title, position or function. Why?

The next restoration is the New Covenant Priesthood Ministry, in the Holy Place, which is restricted to those who have completed the seven (7) Outer Court Foundations/preparations and then been confronted by the realties and insecurities of the Second Veil! The Second Veil demands REALITY or experiential Truth in the believer as the minimum standard.

My thesis is this:

ONLY the next restoration {the Consecration Offering}, after it has accomplished its full work in the believer, will be sufficient to prepare ministers who are qualified and have the Anointing/ Ability that can prepare those believers, who are advancing through the Outer Court Foundations, to pass through the Second Veil as Priests.

“Why is this essential?”

That is because it is in this Holy Place Realm that JESUS IS BUILDING HIS LAMPSTAND CHURCH!

“How do we know that?”

This is because Jesus is walking among the Seven Pure Gold Lampstand Churches, IN THE HOLY PLACE, in Revelation 2 and 3! It is there that we see Him building HIS CHURCH! It is during their stay in the Holy Place Life and Ministry that the next generation of ministers (PRIESTS after the Order of Melchizedek) can qualify and begin the next dimension of ministry. Why? No one can “preach” believers into the next dimension because they must be led by someone who has already made the transition to “PRIESTHOOD.”

Someone in a pulpit proclaiming, “ALL YOU PEOPLE NEED TO GO TO THAT HOLY PLACE” (pointing the way) has never worked and will never work! Why? The next dimension of ministry is EXPERIENTIAL and can only be ministered by those who HAVE MADE THE TRANSITION.

It is because the “Next Restoration” will require such a “radical and extensive change and clear departure from what is considered “normal ministry today,” that a very limited number of the “current ministers” will be able to adjust to the essential nature of the Holy Place Life and Ministry and the radical changes required by “PRIESTHOOD FUNCTION.”

“Brother, please explain what you mean by the “nature of the Holy Place.””

In the priestly function, which is exclusive to the Holy Place and BEGINS in the Holy Place, there is NO natural light present and NONE available. The only Light available is exclusively from the Seven Flames of Fire or the Seven Spirits of God that illuminate everything in front of the Lampstand. Since the Pure Gold Lampstand is the type of the “Church He is Building,” it is clear that nothing natural, earthly, human nor temporal can be used in this realm of ministry.

Therefore, the natural, earthly and human old man / outer-flesh man must be eliminated from function in that exclusive realm of ministry! ELIMINATED FROM FUNCTION - not eliminated existence! Why? The outer man is still essential a house and used for transportation. He is just not adequate for function. The warning to casual and fleshly ministers is visible in the account of Nadab and Abihu, the sons of Aaron, the high priest, who burnt strange fire before the Lord. (Leviticus 10:1 to 7) They were burned up by the fire of God.

“What does that mean?”

In the next restoration the phony, ridiculous, ego centric, strange, hypocritical and pretend ministries will discover the Eternal God, who is a Consuming Fire! He is very serious about producing an eternal people for His Eternal Purpose and will accept NOTHING less! It seems obvious to me that it is ONLY the new inner man who can function and “see” into the invisible and eternal realms of the Holy Place Life and Ministry. Why? Functioning within the “tent,” in the Holy Place, is entering into that invisible realm where we can only see by the Spiritual kind of Light and to minister in that Light and Revelation! If we can ONLY see by the natural light of the Outer Court we will be unable to function in that next Holy Place Realm. The status quo ministries will be worthless in the Holy Place and in danger of losing everything intended for that realm! This “warning” is directed toward myself AND most everyone I know in “ministry” today! Why?

Most all of us are still limited to the Outer Court realms of ministry! Since the ONLY illumination in the Holy Place is from the Seven Flames of Fire, the Seven Spirits of God, only the new inner man can function in that realm! This is the realm we are referring to as “the Fullness.”

Therefore, those who can participate in that purely Spiritual illumination and those who can function in the intensity of that “ETERNAL WEIGHT OF GLORY,” cannot be natural persons! It is for that reason that this ministry and the priestly function must be limited to the new inner man.

It is because of these two realms and two levels of maturity and perfection, the Outer Court and the Holy Place, that we need to understand the function and the limitation of these two men, the outer man and the new inner man!

II Corinthians 4:16-18

16 Therefore we do not lose heart, but though our outer man is decaying, yet our inner man is being renewed day by day.

17 For momentary, light affliction is producing for us an Eternal Weight of Glory far beyond all comparison,

18 while we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen; for the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen are Eternal.

The outer man is temporary and is in the process of decaying and returning to the dirt of earth. However, the new inner man is being renewed or restored day by day. Hopefully, the new inner man is constantly maturing and growing up into Christ!

Therefore, it seems obvious that ONLY the new inner man, the New Covenant man, can ever become a Priest after the Order of Melchizedek and function in the Holy Place Life and Ministry. It should now be clear that the outer man, who is always in the process of decaying and deteriorating, will eventually pass away and return to the dust! It is also clear that ONLY the new inner man will remain and ascend to Heaven and into God’s Eternal Purpose! To which of the three (3) heavens he will go will be determined in the Judgement. However, it is the new inner man who must be in a constant state of renewal and rebuilding. Why? That is so he doesn’t begin to deteriorate, decay, grow old, get discouraged or give up. Renewing and maturing the new inner man, within the corporate group, is a very neglected (maybe non-existent) ministry in the visible church today. This essential ministry to the new inner man must be restored now. How? First, through the six (6) Outer Court Foundations and then to this seventh and current experience called “the Consecration Offering.”

The question we must answer in this study about the Consecration Offering is:

Exactly how do we disengage from the dominion of the outer man and his influence so we can do the Will of God and function in the Kingdom Priesthood dimension of the Holy Place?

We must also answer the question:

How can we function in ministry (especially the pulpit ministry) without our present humanity and our body controlling and limiting our actions?

Even logic insists that there must be some grace or ability available to us so we can ultimately fulfill God’s Eternal Purpose and to bring joy to His heart. There is! This is a process (of six Foundations and then Consecration) where the dominion of the outer man is reduced or eliminated so the new inner man is set free to release our new self, the new inner man to function in the New Covenant Priesthood and to complete God’s Will, His Plan and His Purpose.

What is this New Covenant process called?

We are retaining the Old Covenant title;

It is called the “Consecration Offering.”

Is this term found in the New Covenant Scriptures?


But it is often implied by the term BONDSERVANT!

Romans 1:1-2

1 Paul, a Bondservant of Christ Jesus, called as an apostle, set apart for the Gospel of God,

2 which He promised beforehand through His prophets in the Holy Scriptures.

It seems relevant that Paul made himself a Bondservant and then he was called as an Apostle and set apart (or sanctified) for the Gospel of God which we interpret to mean the Gospel of the Kingdom! We have assumed this is the proper sequence for ministry. That means that apostleship BEGINS in the Holy Place and progresses to the Outer Court to lay the foundational experiences for new believers.

“But, Brother, did Paul ever function as a priest in the New Covenant?”


Romans 15:15-16

15 But I have written very boldly to you on some points, so as to remind you again, because of the Grace that was given me from God,

16 to be a minister of Christ Jesus to the Gentiles, ministering as a priest the Gospel of God, that my offering of the Gentiles might become acceptable, sanctified by the Holy Spirit.

As a priest Paul must have something to offer to God! He did! He offered up the Gentiles as they were set apart or sanctified by the Holy Spirit. Ministering “the Gospel of God as a priest of the New Covenant” is NOT a strange doctrine IF we believe the Scriptures! We should all be firmly convinced that becoming a bondservant of God and of Christ Jesus is not a strange doctrine for a Priest after the Order of Melchizedek.

James 1:1 James, a Bondservant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, to the twelve tribes who are dispersed abroad, greetings.

II Peter 1:1 Simon Peter, a Bondservant and apostle of Jesus Christ, to those who have received a faith of the same kind as ours, by the righteousness of our God and Savior, Jesus Christ:

Jude 1:1 Jude, a Bondservant of Jesus Christ, and brother of James, to those who are the called, beloved in God the Father, and kept for Jesus Christ:

Rev 1:1 The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave Him to show to His bondservants, the things which must shortly take place; and He sent and communicated it by His angel to His Bondservant John,

It is the experience of the Consecration Offering and the entrance through the Second Veil that transitions through the barrier which separates and identifies the Outer Court ministries from the Holy Place ministries. This requires that we pass through these TWO barriers in order to participate in the New Covenant Priesthood Ministry after the Order of Melchizedek.

“Then, Brother, what happens within the outer man, during the Consecration Offering, for him to still exist but become unengaged, silent and neutral in the Priesthood Ministry?”

The outer man must become a “tent” in which the “ministry” of the new inner man takes place! The tent has no opinion, neither does it introduce its doctrines or ideas and the “tent” causes no interruption in ministry. The “tent” just provides transportation and covering but NO VOICE! Both the Holy Place and the Most Holy Place are revealed as a “TENT” in which the Priesthood functions! The Holy Place is current and the Most Holy Place awaits us, IF we are successful in the Holy Place! This study focuses upon the Holy Place, the new inner man.

II Corinthians 5:1-5

1 For we know that if the earthly tent which is our house is torn down, we have a building from God, a house not made with hands, Eternal in the Heavens.

2 For indeed in this house we groan, longing to be clothed with our dwelling from heaven;

3 inasmuch as we, having put it on, shall not be found naked.

4 For indeed while we are in this tent, we groan, being burdened, because we do not want to be unclothed, but to be clothed, in order that what is mortal may be swallowed up by Life.

5 Now He Who prepared us for this very purpose is God, Who gave to us the Spirit as a Pledge.

It appears that God, in His Eternal Wisdom and Plan, has given us a “word picture” to reveal how our current dwelling place must become a “tent” before it returns again to the earth and dust. Why? A “tent” is a necessary shelter but it has no ministry function! It produces no excuses nor arguments nor does it insist upon doing things its way to meet its domineering need.

However, it still provides a valuable service and a house in which the new inner man dwells and functions. The Ministry of Melchizedek is NOT the function of a mortal being but it is witnessed that He lives in the Realms of Eternal Life! This understanding of Melchizedek from Hebrews 7 seems to remove the “mortal aspect” from the New Covenant Priesthood Ministry. Now the “Tabernacle” the “TENT” takes on a new understanding in the type and shadow! The “outer body” is active during the Outer Court process and laying the Foundations.

However, any dominion of the “mortal, the physical and the natural” cannot transition to the New Covenant, Holy Place Priesthood ministry. My theory of where this New Covenant “change” takes place is the “Consecration Offering and then through the Second Veil.” The portion of the Consecration Offering that is directed toward the dominion of the “mortal, the physical and the natural” problem is the “whole burnt offering.” The whole burnt offering means there are only ashes that remain or in our study only the “tent!”

Heb 7:8 And in this case (Aaron) mortal men receive tithes, but in that case (Melchizedek) One receives them, of Whom it is witnessed that He lives on.

This “tent” in which we live and function is our dwelling place, our Holy Place, and is within the new inner man! It is this Consecration Offering and the Second Veil that provides for us the transition from the dominion of our body to freedom of our tent!” This Seventh Outer Court experience is the “Consecration Offering!”

Our focus now is upon the whole burnt offering! The exact place where we make the transition to the Holy Place and the New Covenant Priesthood Ministry is THROUGH “the Second Veil.” The freedom from the earthly dominion comes through the “whole burnt offering.”

(1) The First Veil, the Gate is the “WAY.”

(2) The Second Veil, the “Entrance,” is the TRUTH or the REALITY.

(3) The Third Veil, that was torn when Jesus died, is THE LIFE.

I think we can say that the Consecration Offering AND the Second Veil provides our passage into the ultimate Reality or experiential Truth and into a practical the New Covenant Priesthood. My theory is that all New Covenant Ministry should have started here, in the Holy Place and beyond the Second Veil! In order to clarify our current (new) understanding of the Consecration Offering, it is important to recognize how we see and understand “ourselves.”

There are two men in view here:

(1) the one, the outer man, who is growing old and dying, and

(2) the new inner man, who is designed to never grow old but is designed to remain in the process of maturity and by a renewal day by day.

It is the new inner man who is growing and coming to “the Measure of the Stature and of the Fullness of Christ.” This “Fullness” demonstrates a “ministry” that is FAR BEYOND the capacity of the old outer man and his pulpit ministry.

The outer man is from the dirt and is dirt and will return to the dirt. This outer man is NOT CHRISTIAN and can never be Christian. Why? He is not of the same species as Christ Jesus Who was born of God. The outer man takes his genealogy back to Adam but the new inner man takes his genealogy back to God, Himself. ONLY the new inner man can be a child of God simply because he must first be born (conceived) of God.

(1) Do we see ourselves as the person in the mirror in the morning?

(2) Do we see our genealogy going back through the earthly generations?

(3) Do we see and understand the outer man is in the stage of always dying and continuously getting weaker.


(1) Do we see ourselves as new creations who were conceived by God through the implantation of the Living and Abiding Word of God?

(2) If we only see ourselves as outward beings, we will have difficulty defining ourselves as Christian or as New Covenant priests? Why?

(3) That is because the outer man will die and return to dust and stay on this earth when this earth is destroyed. The old man is going NO PLACE!

(4) Do we see ourselves as totally new creations who have transitioned into a new Christian species of person who is living in the Eternal Christ and will one day sit with Him on His Throne?

AFTER we recognize ourselves as true Christians, many of the earth limitations should be removed and we may be able to be elevated to a different dimension called the Holy Place Life and Ministry. This realm of Christian Life, Christian Function and God’s Eternal Purpose is VERY far beyond the capacity of the outward man! Neither God’s Eternal Purpose nor His Plan is to rebuild and strengthen the outer man for ministry!

The real purpose of the Outer Court ministries is to guide each new believer through the various experiences relevant to each of the processes of Outer Court preparation! The purpose being to eliminate “from the Priesthood Ministry” all carnal, distracting and human activity, ideas, plans, programs and designs.

In my opinion, the Holy Place Life and Ministry will one day become perfectly normal but so radical, in comparison to the “ministries” we see today, that it will be impossible to objectively accept this higher ministry UNTIL it is SUBJECTIVELY experienced. In other words; until there are some “pioneers” that enter this Priesthood ministry and produce some unusual results, the majority of ministers will condemn the concept of a Holy Place Priesthood ministry as pure fiction!

“But, Brother, if we must wait for all these things to be fulfilled (that the prophets spoke) it means that Jesus will not appear tonight or tomorrow or maybe not even next week.”

If we have understood that Jesus is not returning for a baby bride nor for a distressed and defeated church and if He must rule until EVERY enemy is put under His Feet, and His Feet are in His Body, there may be some delay. Therefore, we are not recommending we stop pressing into the Holy Place Life and Ministry, put on white robes and leave for the mountains so we can meet Him when He returns.

It appears to me in Revelation 2 and 3 that the Holy Place Life and Ministry is normal. Why? These chapters reveal our High Priest walking among the seven Lampstand Churches and delivering a very troubling message is to these Lampstand Churches! In other words, Revelation 2 and 3 was not just a message for seven isolated groups of believers 2,000 years ago but is relevant for the church today!

My theory is this: This severe message is for the Church He is building in every generation. Why? His message to the Lampstand Church, which is the forerunner of the Bride in Revelation 19, also includes instruction to those who will sit with Him on His Throne. Specifically, to those who “overcome.” Since the New Jerusalem IS the Bride and the New Jerusalem has come to the level of transparent perfection, this should confirm that our first priority, our persistence and all our ministry efforts must be directed toward God’s Eternal Purpose and the “perfection of the Bride!”

If we are intending to participate in the “Bride company” seen in Revelation 19, 21 and 22, our own personal development, maturity and perfection should become our personal first priority. For me that means that we must NOT be convinced nor persuaded by anyone to redirect our time, our resources, our attention or waste our time fighting in any extraneous “battles” that ONLY God can confront and “deliver us from.” To me this “gospel of increasing conspiracies” and a future full of “systematic danger and imminent destruction” is just a deception to move us from the Ultimate Purpose of God!

Even though there may be strategic plans, perilous situations and, yes, even conspiracies forming against the Church He is building, according to His Promise, they shall not prevail.

“Are Christian people in grave danger?”

Of course! Different writers in the New Testament have assured us that these terrible things will come.

I Peter 4:12-14

12 Beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal among you, which comes upon you for your testing, as though some strange thing were happening to you;

13 but to the degree that you share the sufferings of Christ, keep on rejoicing; so that also at the revelation of His glory, you may rejoice with exultation.

14 If you are reviled for the Name of Christ, you are blessed, because the Spirit of Glory and of God rests upon you.

Some groups have emerged to bring a “new and astounding message” today about the conspiracies and fiery trials confronting Christians today like this is some “new thing.” They are pointing out that we are facing many outward efforts to destroy the outward man through things in the water, through the GMO’s and by pesticides or by preservatives in the food or by global warming. Now we learn that even big pharmacy and the drug companies are trying to kill us. Cancer drugs are designed to shorten our life while the back-alley scientists have discovered simple solutions to provide healing to the ignorant masses!

These “gospel watchmen” are constantly scanning the skies for aliens or falling poison from planes and warning us not to breathe the air. I have decided to leave these big problems to God and just focus upon the little things like doing His Will! I have decided NOT to focus upon ANY conspiracies, no matter how dangerous they seem. I just want to cease from my own ideas and priorities so I can spend full time upon His last days emphasis of perfecting the Bride for His Son. I have decided to just dwell in the shelter of the Most High and to abide in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say to the LORD, “YOU are My refuge and my fortress, My God, in Whom I trust!" “For if You do not deliver us from the snare of the trapper, and from the deadly pestilence, we have no other hope!”

“But, Brother, what has happened to cause you to respond in this way?”

Too many are trying to re-direct our work and our calling in order to re-focus our efforts toward preventing a series of conspiracies designed to alter our DNA so we can be controlled by external forces. Not only is that stupid, it is non-productive and a big waste of valuable time. I have decided to trust God’s Absolute Sovereignty and watch the devil do whatever he is permitted to do.

I feel my new inner man is perfectly secure no matter what happens to the outer man.

After 90 years I can testify that the outer man is perishing. I will be terribly disappointed if my new inner man is not being renewed day by day. Why? I still want to become a “MINISTER OF THE NEW COVENANT.” Ministering the conspiracies and the sinister ways our government has designed to kill us is the biggest waste of time I can think of. What could possibly be the “fruit of that ministry?”

I hope the big radio ministries get the revelation soon and understand that God is still God and He is working toward His Eternal Purpose which WILL be totally fulfilled before the earth is destroyed. God said that He will destroy the earth and the heavens and He does not need any help from the aliens! That means that no alien, nor conspirator, nor pesticide nor poison in our water or poison falling from planes, or attacks from Russia or the Chinese or the Muslims will stop or even delay God from completing His Purpose. It is God’s attitude toward eternity that we should adopt.

Psalm 2:1-6

1 Why are the nations in an uproar, and the peoples devising a vain thing?

2 The kings of the earth take their stand, and the rulers take counsel together against the LORD and against His Anointed:

3 "Let us tear their fetters apart and cast away their cords from us!"

4 He Who sits in the heavens laughs, the Lord scoffs at them.

5 Then He will speak to them in His anger and terrify them in His fury:

6 "But as for Me, I have installed My King upon Zion, My Holy Mountain." I Corinthians 15:23-25

23 But each in his own order: Christ the First Fruits, after that those who are Christ's at His coming,

24 then comes the end, when He delivers up the Kingdom to the God and Father, when He has abolished all rule and all authority and power.

25 For He must reign until He has put all His enemies under His feet.

“When will the end come?” This is not a trick question! Everybody ought to be able to figure this out! When the Gospel of the Kingdom is preached in the entire world and when every enemy is firmly under His Feet.

“But, Brother, you just don’t know how serious and dangerous these conspiracies really are!”

The biggest problem is that I cannot be persuaded to change course so I DON”T CARE!

Why? For me all these things are irrelevant UNLESS God has lost His Authority, His Sovereignty and His Power! If God is not able to control His creation, we are all in a desperate situation with no solution.

My theory is this:

If we actually can:

  • experience the New Covenant Consecration Offering,
  • pass through the Second Veil and
  • begin to function in the Holy Place Life and Ministry,

that would be a step into the realm of the King of Righteousness and the King of Peace.

In that realm “conspiracies” do not exist! The greatest danger in this realm is the warnings, the correction and the threats of our Great High Priest as He points out the defects yet in the Pure Gold Lampstand Church! If we understand the gravity of that situation, everything else will become irrelevant! I am guessing that fixing the personal deficiencies, defects and failures in our lives will soon become first priority, especially if we transition to that next realm.

It is amazing that so many fundamental Christians are living in some fantasy doctrine that when they are born again they are ready to sit with Him on His Throne. They think being “born again” is the Ultimate and Perfection of salvation and nothing else is required. For me, reaching “perfection” without the experiential six (6) Foundations and THEN “Consecration and Priesthood” is a ridiculous expectation for the New Covenant Saint!

Anyone who has any understanding about the Kingdom, will expect various requirements and changes so we can be accounted worthy of the Kingdom! Why? The Government of the World yet to come will be a Kingdom of Priests. Those who rule over the works of His Hands will be mature sons who are priests!

“How do you know that?”

That is because Christ Jesus is KING and also is our High Priest after the Order of Melchizedek. Christ Jesus is the King/ Priest, along with His sons, who will be functioning in and ruling over the Tabernacle of God. However, if we can separate the Outer Court perfection from the Holy Place perfection and then from the Most Holy Place perfection we should see “perfection” from another viewpoint! If we call “perfection” in the first two realms “Ultimate Perfection” then any lesser perfection just becomes shifting sands of a variable quality. The Standard of Perfection for us IS Christ Jesus, our Lord!

“Brother, your concept of “priesthood” and “function” and Kingdom, and “Manifested Sons” is still way too mysterious. Please explain exactly why this is different!”

First the outer man, that we see in the mirror, is not Christian and neither does he go to Heaven. Why?

I Corinthians 15:47-50

47 The first man is from the earth, earthy; the Second Man is from Heaven.

48 As is the earthy, so also are those who are earthy; and as is the heavenly, so also are those who are heavenly.

49 And just as we have borne the image of the earthy, we shall also bear the Image of the heavenly.

50 Now I say this, brethren, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God; nor does the perishable inherit the imperishable.

The “first man” is as totally different from the “Second Man” as the unsaved (first man) is from the Christian the (second man.) All those who remain in the first man return to earth and the soul goes into judgement. All those “new men” who are in the Second Man ascend to Heaven from where they originated. The “Second Man” is a different species of man from the “first man” because He was Born of God. The “first man” originated on earth and was created from dirt and will return to dirt.

ONLY those in the “Second Man” and of the New Creation (born of God) can be Christian or are little Christ’s. This of course is different from those who teach that everyone who believes in Jesus is Christian! Only those who have been born of God and are of the same species as Christ Jesus can possibly be Christian.

“But, Brother, if that is true you have disqualified most visible churches!”

Since our High Priest was born of God (by the Sperma of God) any person who is IN HIM must be born exactly the same way or they cannot be the same species. Only those of the exact same species are Christian. Only those who have been born the exact same way can be priests after the Order of Melchizedek and only these new creations can be sons of our High Priest or be in the Body of our Great High Priest.

In other words, this eliminates all religious persons who have NOT BEEN BORN OF GOD or “born again.” Now these (assumed) facts establish the qualifications for those who approach the Second Veil to offer themselves as Consecration Offerings to God. All those in the process of experiencing the seven (7) Foundations are called “the Body of Christ” because they were born of God. However, we are now focusing upon those who will become the Body of Our Great High Priest! Why? It is Our High Priest and His Body, the Bride, Who sit upon His Throne.

While at this point the new inner man (the new species) is “His Body, the Body of Christ,” when he completes the sixth Foundation, many, many outward and inward things will change DURING the Consecration Offering. Why? That is because this is a whole burnt offering that is related to the outer man. Why? This whole burnt offering (sacrifices) must remove the dominion, the self-government and independent action of the outer man. Why? Because of the fallen attributes of the outer man, he will always be leading a revolt against the Inner Kingdom Government of God that is an integral part of the real Christian Life!

Hopefully, if we can get the revelation of the Consecration Offering, from God’s Eternal Viewpoint, we will understand clearly what is happening and why it is happening in the visible church. If we can gain that understanding, it will be clear why the Church He is Building CANNOT accept anyone who refuses the Consecration Offering!

This FACT is exactly why the Pure Gold Lampstand Church is in the Holy Place and NOT in the Outer Court. The Lampstand is behind the Second Veil which was not torn when Jesus died! This is why we share that the Pure Gold in the Lampstand demands that no old man (wood) and ONLY the new inner man, Gold, of the new species, can be part of the Lampstand Church that He is building!

PURE GOLD = The new species!

Hammered into one piece = The trials, testing and preparation of the saints.

The objections to this teaching is this:

Is that the end of all the carnal components of the Christian Life? No! This is the place, in the Outer Court Foundations/preparations, that we make our decision to permit God to accomplish anything that is necessary, in us, to prepare us for that Ultimate Priesthood that is directly related to the Kingdom Government of God.

If we read Revelation 2 and 3, concerning Jesus’ threats, correction and warnings for the seven Lampstand Churches, we should see that ALL the carnal components of the Christian Life were not yet removed. It seems obvious that the three (3) levels of Heaven, revealed in the Tabernacle of God, (Revelation 21) have their own three (3) levels of perfection!

Since the Consecration Offering is sacrificed in the Outer Court level, we cannot expect the New Jerusalem level of Perfection at this level. By that same reasoning, the Lampstand Church is in the Holy Place, or in the second level of perfection, so we cannot expect the New Jerusalem level of Perfection at that level.

However, if we OVERCOME at the Holy Place level we can be advanced to the Throne level in the Most Holy Place Perfection. To me this is all quite logical and explains why we must all be accounted worthy of the Kingdom. Hopefully, in the next study we can share more on the Ultimate Transition into the Eternal Purpose of God!