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The Kingdom as Scientific Fact?

The Kingdom as Biological Fact?

The Kingdom as Evolutionary Fact?

The Kingdom: A Theory or A Fact?


January 20, 2016 An Explanation!

Unfortunately the Kingdom cannot be proved by empirical evidence that is based upon visual observation nor by Scientific Discovery. A Laboratory examination and the assembly of certain data cannot prove or dis-prove the Eternal Existence of the King or the Kingdom. In fact another study of Origins and Designs will only produce more confusion.

While we are not theorizing about our existence in the universe, because of the lack of absolute fact, it should be obvious that we do exist somewhere, unless our life is just a fantasy.

These arguments always begin between two possibilities; Creation by Evolution or Creation by Design. Then is evolution a theory or a scientific fact? If everything was created by design, was the design Devine or by some other source? Is design a fact or a theory? Is evolution by design or by a biological process as matter re-designs itself, as some foolishly conclude!

These arguments have evolved over centuries but within the last century the scientific data involving the intricacies of eyes and wings, with the unexplained way feathers move and function and how eyes discern color, distance and perception has complicated any rational argument for evolution. Natural selection has lost much of its argument because of the lack of empirical evidence! Therefore, we are still left with two theories by which either is difficult to prove or disprove by research and facts.

Is the Kingdom biological, or is it of a different realm? Is the biological realm the result of the King and His Kingdom? Is the Kingdom an innate mechanism that controls the cyclical and physiological activities of matter or is innate matter capable of modification and progressive development in and of itself?

Obviously, these arguments have no conclusive end.

Faith is a non-starting point for those with only rational thought! Therefore, the physical theorist must reject any argument based upon faith alone! Faith as “substance” is summarily rejected. Is the Kingdom, then, a hypothesis? From the Christian point of view the Kingdom is not a hypothesis but an Eternal Fact. How do we know that? By our Faith in the written Word of God.

hypothesis noun (pl. hypotheses)
1 a supposition made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation. 2 Philosophy a proposition made as a basis for reasoning. 3 A foundation with which to begin.

This simple justification is offered to clarify our position of offering the Bible as the explanation for the existence of a Kingdom. Why? If there is no Kingdom, there need not be a King. If there is no Kingdom nor a King, we can just believe something or accept a doctrine make an proclamation but with no legal consequences. That just creates another religion.

To assume there is NO King and NO Kingdom and still accept the Bible as the Word of God is just not possible! To accept the King but with No Kingdom or to accept the Kingdom but with No King, either one, conflicts with what the Bible presents as Eternal Facts.

Therefore, we cannot produce rudimentary facts about the Kingdom except what we find in Scripture. The only proof we can offer is what anyone can read in the Bible. In other words, if we are expected to offer scientific or laboratory proof of what we have written, or produce biological or empirical evidence of the existence of the Kingdom, we have to confess defeat.

However, neither Jesus, nor Paul, offered any scientific proof of the Kingdom but they just spoke with certainty and Paul wrote with absolute conviction that the King and the Kingdom were facts. They seemed to assume that everyone would know and accept the Kingdom as fact.

While I know this explanation will not satisfy unbelievers or those who are intentionally ignorant, there is a growing number of believers who are absolutely in agreement with the hypothesis offered, even though we can only offer Faith and a new inner Life as evidence! Scientific research cannot prove or disprove either.

Until the church generally accepts both the King and His Kingdom as a current reality and clearly preaches the Kingdom as a present inner government, the message will be controversial. However, until the unbelievers and those who are willingly ignorant can accept FAITH as the only doorway to understanding, the Truth will always be rejected and this will eventually end as persecution.

Why ministers and Bible believers are willing to relegate the Kingdom only to the Millennium is a mystery to me.