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#487 – The New Covenant Consecration of the Priests – Part 5: Consecration of the New Inner Man

This study has become much larger than I thought necessary or possible but since we have not added very much detail or made many practical applications we will continue. The other problem is that since we are sharing this from the invisible realm maybe it is not possible to make any really practical applications. Obviously, if the information from the Holy Place realm and the inner anointing frees man from any need of another man to teach, then maybe we will just waste time trying to touch realms where we have no business trying to share. There must be a dimension where only the Lord needs to teach and if man continues to teach he will just mess it up. For that reason we have only shared an overview of the Consecration of the Priests.

We should ask why there is an area called “Holy Place” where man’s continual teaching is counterproductive. This answer identifies an area of consecration that can easily be overlooked. That is because there is a place in God where He must be absolutely sovereign and we must be absolutely dependent upon God for everything. This dependence begins with God, Father, Spirit, Word, teaching us directly. Always depending upon “ministries” to teach us guarantees that we will move no farther forward than the “teachers” understanding! This, at the present time, is much too shallow to be of much help in the next dimension. Then why are we pointing out the preparation for the next restoration? Because “pointing” is much different from a direct personal revelation in the inner man by the inner anointing and according to God’s direction and plan.

However, it is probably acceptable to alert people to these next dimensions of the restoration so they will be informed and be aware of something about the process and the costs! The “secret preparation” is the key to the next level of consecration. Possibly in #6 we can share more on this aspect of the Power of the Holy Place preparation.

Nevertheless, no one will even begin the process of Kingdom Consecration until there is a real Outer Court Consecration, so we will continue to focus upon that area. Still, full consecration demands that we continue to pay the price of Consecration after the initial consecration has been made. How do we know that? Because, Jesus’ first consecration was in the wilderness after He received the Holy Spirit. Then He lived a consecrated life. He had to reconfirm His consecration at Gethsemane and then complete His Consecration Offering at Calvary.

Even though these Kingdom demands of Consecration will eliminate the casual believer from participating, it is obvious that he will be rejected from the next dimension anyway. How do we know that? Because he and others who are lukewarm are rejected from the Lampstand Church which eliminates him from the Priesthood which eliminates him from the Kingdom of Priests.

Then are only consecrated persons acceptable in the Lampstand Church? That is how it appears from Revelation 2 and 3. Anyone who is just fulfilling his own interests and doing his own will and is using his own methods will be given a chance to repent or be cast out. The Holy place is NOT the area of second and third chances as we see with Nadab and Abihu. Also King Usiah didn’t get a second chance but immediately broke out with leprosy and died as a leper. Therefore, it is good to be informed. It is popular for the TV ministries to speak about a second and third chance but in the Holy Place realm it is best to live in obedience. This is the practical application of the Consecration Offering!

Since the size of the Outer Court is so much larger than the Holy Place and the Holy Place is so much larger than the Most Holy Place it is obvious where most Christians will stop in their development and be satisfied. The size gets smaller and the way is narrow which leads into the full LIFE dimension and only a few will find it. However, the chances of more finding it increases when there is a clear word preached about that realm. This indicates that the multitudes of those who are “saved” will be in the Outer Court, New Earth dimension. This is also “heaven” so even the lesser heaven is a wonderful place! Some will remain there simply because they have never been informed about another dimension. Some will be there because AFTER they were informed they decided to ignore the message! For that reason it is necessary for them to be fully informed and we each have a certain responsibility but we can’t spend our life week after week trying to get them to make a Consecration and move forward. However, we can be like Jesus and tell them to repent of their casual Christian lifestyle and move forward. If they will not repent and move from the natural light of the Outer Court dimension then we must focus upon the few who will step forward. If we can find a few that are excited about being silver, gold or precious stones, these are the ones we want to focus our attention upon along with our vision for eternity and God’s Eternal Purpose. What God has purposed “for Himself” in the creation is generally overlooked.

This is very PRACTICAL and is reflected in how Jesus addressed the Lampstand Churches. Only those who repented and changed direction and “overcame” could be advanced to the next dimension. It is at the Consecration Offering that “free will” takes on a new relevance. We are “free” to make a decision to stay or to move on but we are not free to choose the consequences. Don’t think that our eternal destiny makes no difference just as long as we go to heaven. Someone needs to warn the casual Christian about the consequences so he can make an informed decision. When he makes the decision we can all move on. He can choose to stay or move but then we are free to refocus upon those who have made a solid decision to fully Consecrate their total existence to God and to the Purpose of God for the world yet to come!

Of course if our personal Consecration is phony, our message will be dead and without Life, Spirit or Truth. It is for that reason that Consecration is not just another doctrine but real Consecration is “expressed” in a visible Life. That expression of Christ is what convinces and convicts and inspires Kingdom Consecration in other believers. How do we know that?

John 17:19 “And for their sakes I sanctify (consecrate) Myself, that they themselves also may be sanctified (consecrated) in truth.

Before we try to make Consecration personal and practical in other applications we need to understand that at the initial Consecration we begin a new and different kind of preparation that is quite different from the seven stage Outer Court Preparation in the visible realm. This “preparation” is focused upon a new kind of discipline so that we can share His Holiness. We might call this “sonship discipline.”

Most people who preach focus upon the initial crisis experience of forgiveness of sins. Another group may focus upon the crisis of water baptism or the baptism in the Holy Spirit. This next Holy Place crisis encounter is about who will be in control of your ear (hearing), your hands (your doing), and your feet ( how and where you will walk.) It is for that reason that we call this “Kingdom Consecration” because it brings us under God’s absolute sovereignty. Kingdom Consecration relates us to the Kingdom Government and its Laws and integrity.

There is a Consecrated “life” and then also a Consecrated “service.” It should be obvious that a Consecrated ear, a Consecrated hand and Consecrated feet are essential for Consecrated Service. Until there is this first Holy Place Consecration as: (1) to stand before Him, (2) to minister to Him, and (3) burn incense there will not be sufficient direction to be (4) His Minister in Consecrated Service!

2Chron 29:11 “My sons, do not be negligent now, for the LORD has chosen you (1) to stand before Him, (2) to minister to Him, and (4) to be His ministers and (3) burn incense.”

I moved these functions into a divine sequence because # 1 to # 3 are all ministries in the Holy Place and # 4 is to serve wherever He directs. “To be His Minister” extends through out the “service dimension” and extends as far as the Bondservants Dimension. Since we see the Bondservants in Revelation 22 we assume this is the highest order of service!

As true believers we can all bring the Consecration Offering but the Bondservants have lived their Life in the fulfillment stages of Consecration. Some may have experienced the Gethsemane stage. Some may have taken up their cross daily and followed Him. The Bondservants have moved Consecration from the initial, crisis stage, to the fullness and fulfillment stage. This also defines the practical application of the Consecration Offering.

Any slave that was purchased from the auction block MUST serve the one who bought him for six years. This was not optional. None of us are our own because we owed a dept we couldn’t pay. At the “auction” we each were bought with a price! At the end of six years the slave must be set free and with his hands full of things provided by the master. However, if after serving for six years at twice the service of a hired man, he refused to take his freedom, the master took him to the doorway and pierced his ear and he became a bondservant forever. His hands remain empty but his position has changed upward. The doorway represents entrance into another dimension and once again the Consecrated ear is involved. Pierced is also translated as “opened.” This is another practical dimension of the Consecration Offering, the opened ear.

Psalm 40:6 Sacrifice and meal offering Thou hast not desired; My ears Thou hast opened; Burnt offering and sin offering Thou hast not required. 7 Then I said, “Behold, I come; In the scroll of the book it is written of me; 8 I delight to do Thy will, O my God; Thy Law is within my heart.”

In the New Covenant Priesthood we must transfer our focus from the outer man to the New Inner Man. Therefore, we must refocus our thoughts to the Consecration of the New Inner Man. Why? Because God has designed the New Covenant Ministry of Priesthood for the New

Creation Man after the Last Adam. Consequently, we need to think about inner ears, inner thumbs and inner toes. Of course these are all natural elements in the outer man but the inner man is of a different species. Maybe he doesn’t even have these physical elements. Nevertheless, he still must hear, he still must do and he still must walk in obedience! In addition to that he still must see, he must perceive and he must speak to complete his consecrated service. The New Inner Man must still be taught by the inner anointing and be led by the Holy Spirit.

Psalm 91:1 He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High Will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. 2 I will say to the LORD, “My refuge and my fortress, My God, in whom I trust!”

It seems obvious that this dwelling place of the Most High God, Father, Word and Spirit, is in the new inner man. Therefore, if we can move this scripture into the New Covenant dimension, it is quite clear that it is the New Inner Man that dwells under the shadow of the Almighty, in the New Covenant tent!

In past studies we have referred to the “growth” of the new inner man and that is technically correct but now we want to focus upon the “development” of the New Inner Man for a specific function. This “development” is in that secret place of the Most High which is in the invisible realm. It is invisible because we may be totally unaware that anything is happening at all. During this time of confusion and isolation we may consider ourselves as failures and that God has set us aside and has moved on without us. What we thought we accomplished now appears irrelevant and worthless.

The old Testament has a clear example, or picture or type of this development of the New Inner Man and his consecration in practical scenes. This is revealed in the life of Elisha. In future studies we will examine his preparation and how God brought Elisha into a total dependence upon God alone. This example may be more helpful in understanding the cost of preparation than many explanations with many words. This total dependence upon God appears to the key to Kingdom Consecratin.

This will be in contrast to an example of a popular TV ministry that reported a direct correlation between the number of letters and requests sent out each month to the amount of funds received. They had worked out a ratio between letters and received funds. A more diverse and expanded mailing list would result in more funds. Here the dependence was upon a system to raise funds. They discovered if a gift was included in the request, a greater response in funds was the direct result.

In the development of the New Covenant Inner Man none of these systems are needed or permitted. Why? Because God is preparing an Eternal Priesthood after the Order of Melchizedek.

Heb 7:1 For this Melchizedek, king of Salem, priest of the Most High God, who met Abraham as he was returning from the slaughter of the kings and blessed him, 2 to whom also Abraham apportioned a tenth part of all the spoils, was first of all, by the translation of his name, king of righteousness, and then also king of Salem, which is king of peace. 3 Without father, without mother, without genealogy, having neither beginning of days nor end of life, but made like the Son of God, he abides a priest perpetually.

The first priority of this Priesthood function is to be priest of the Most High God! All other functions must be subjected to this position before God. Although He was both Priest and King ( priest of God ‘vertically’ and King of Salem ‘horizontally’) He was subjected to the Sovereignty of God in both directions. Melchizedek acted wholly in behalf of the Most High God. All priests after this order will function in this exact same way. For that reason the New Inner Man must be “developed” to remove every obstacle to being a priest of the Most High God. This priesthood does not function (horizontally) on its own initiative or speak its own words or have its own opinion.

I hope we can all understand the magnitude of this transformation that is necessary to function in this dimension of the Priesthood Ministry. This is what we are referring to as the “sons of God” Priesthood. There is a “crisis of change” from one dimension of natural light to the next dimension of 100 % Spiritual light. Why? Because we have no experience in that dimension. We are required to leave our comfort zone in the natural, familiar realm and move into a place we have NO confidence and are afraid we will discover that we are totally unfit. We know we are unprepared to function in that dimension. We are aware that our temperament, our character, our disposition, our discipline, our fellowship, our thought life, our Spirituality, our integrity and our obedience fall far short of even the basic requirements of the Holy Place Life and Ministry.

Therefore, we are guessing that there is a “Preparation that is inherent within the Consecration Offering” that will be demanding a radical discipline and a critical transition to even participate in a basic function as Priests of the Most High God.

(In the natural we might compare that preparation to the preparation of the Navy Seals.)

Could you give us more details about the preparation? Actually, there is no way to predict what “preparation” really means. Why? Because each preparation is according to our calling within God’s Purpose. Each of us has their own defects, problems, fears, character flaws, and degrees of rebellion and the self-life. The big “I” is in all of us and many of us are motivated primarily by our ego. Since NOTHING of first Adam can be permitted or accepted in this dimension there must be the sentence of death carried out, experientially, in every area of our self-life, thoughts, motives, discipline, integrity and function. However, without a complete “crisis change” to Resurrection Life of a different and eternal kind, that is continually “working in us”, NO ministry of Life, Spirit,Truth can be the result. This is what I will call : “the Crisis of Consecration” that is both a death issue and a Life issue. The first issue we need to settle is this: Are we really unfit for this Priesthood ministry? If you have to ask that question it is clear you don’t understand the problem or the perfection God has revealed for that Priesthood!

Growing to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ Jesus, our High Priest, means to grow into the fullness of the Priesthood dimension. Well, I have decided that is too difficult so I will not even try. If you “try” you will certainly fail! Why? Because, this work MUST be done totally by God. Why? Because this is beyond any ministry or design of man. What then is the secret of Consecration? Total surrender to God to get the tremendous work started. But we don’t understand how to do that? That is OK because God knows what He is doing and He knows what needs to be done. Well, I want God to explain the whole process and how it works before I agree to this crisis and radical change. Well, He cannot do that or you would run ahead or try to help and negate the whole process. But then what can I do? First, we must submit to the first phase which is death to all areas in which you thought you had life and function and ministry.

God must first deal with all these areas of pseudo-sovereignty and false government in our life. Why? Because there is only one Government that will work in these next realms of function. That Government is the Kingdom of God. All lesser kingdoms must be destroyed that rule in our life. How? By our death to those kingdoms because ONLY one Sovereignty can be obeyed. Will those kingdoms vanish? No, they will remain but we must be dead to their voice and deceptions. How? This is called “Consecration of the ears, the hands and the feet.” This is done within the killing of the first Ram, the “Ram of the Burnt Offering.”

Of course Jesus fullfilled each and all of these sacrifices. Even though we cannot lay these physical hands upon Jesus, we still must now identify with His death at Calvary! Why? He is the “Ram of Burnt Offering.” But I don’t understand that! Well, He is also the “Bull of the Sin Offering.” Well, that is confusing! But He is also the “Ram of the Ordination.” That is incredible! That is the whole problem with the invisible realms of the Spiritual dimensions. They all BEGIN beyond our natural understanding! This includes everything in the Holy Place realm including the Lampstand Church.

God seems to have set up His own “Homeland Security” where He protects His mysteries so no one can take up the Eternal Purpose or the Divine Commission by himself or in himself or by personal zeal. Unless God reveals His mysteries and His methods we will all remain ignorant and helpless and confused.

I am guessing that the only way out of this dilemma is through the total Consecration Offering. Why? This is what leads to the 100 % Spiritual Illumination of the Seven Spirits of God and the revelations concealed in the Showbread. The New Inner Man eating the Showbread is the secret to his final development and Priesthood. However, we need to focus upon the transition that is activated by the Consecration Offering in this first dimension. That is the “Ears, the Hands and the Feet.” Of course this will not be the complete Consecration but this is where God begins in the Life dimension and the Sprinkled Blood. Nevertheless, the death dimension of the Shed Blood must be first applied in its personal reality. The first shed blood that is in our first approach to the Bronze Altar is essential but this is NOT the same application as the second shed blood connected to the “Bull of the Sin Offering” OR the “Ram of the Burnt Offering” so we need to see and experience the difference. Here we see “sin” in different dimensions but both in the Outer Court area of forgiveness and cleansing. The Shed Blood that gives us access at the Brass Altar is quite sufficient for the sinner to be saved by grace!

However, when we try to transition to the Priesthood Ministry of Life, Spirit and Truth we find there are more obsticals in our life than the gross sins that were forgiven. In the Romans series we focused upon the difference between the SINS, plural, that are forgiven and the SIN, singular, that must be brought to death. Just to pass through the second Veil (which was NOT torn) we are confronted by Truth or Reality and who we really are in contrast to the Stature and Fullness of Christ! When this is revealed our high opinion of ourselves is shattered. This revelation creates a crisis that can easily destroy our expectations of any acceptance or future ministry. This is basically the reason we need the Outer Court Ministries that BEGAN in the Holy Place because they will be able to encourage us to persevere. Why? They also were confronted with Truth and Reality and still overcame to make the transition. I am speculating that this (overcoming) will be the standard for ministry in the next restoration.

Those ministries that BEGAN in the Outer Court and never advanced have no experience beyond the basic beginnings so they are of no help for those pressing on into the Purpose of God. Rather they will insist that there is no such thing as a Holy Place because Calvary eliminated any need for more experience. They will tell you that when Jesus said “It is finished” that He meant there is nothing more beyond Calvary. They will insist that the law that demanded the Consecration of the priests was set aside at Calvary when Jesus fulfilled the law. They will insist that GRACE now covers all the expectations of God and nothing is required of the man who is living under GRACE!

Are they trying to deceive you into mediocrity and lukewarmness? No! They really don’t know any better because that is the gospel they were taught by men who only knew about the Outer Court dimension. The Gospel of the Kingdom would correct this error but this gospel is being ignored in the visible church! Those who press into the Kingdom dimension of God cannot ignore His Sovereignty or His Sovereign choice or the personal need for a total rectification.

The questions come; Well, brother, can you give us a personal and practical application of this process? There is no need because God has given us the practical example of Moses whom we see from birth to death. We see all the human and natural training of the elite of Egypt which God could NOT use. Then we see him for 40 years in a seemingly wasted life herding sheep in near isolation and with no direct contact with God. Nevertheless, God was “developing” Moses into an obedient servant of God. But it took 40 years for his preparation. It was AFTER the 40 years of preparation that God appeared to him in the burning bush. This is a better and more accurate example than any application I can make! Without this precise preparation Moses would surely have failed to get the people of God released from Egypt. Without that inner confidence in God and the humility developed in the wilderness Moses could not of had the boldness to stand before Pharaoh and demand their release. If Moses would have been ego-centric he could not have remained humble though the plagues and Passover. If Moses had started to act from his own initiative or ideas, the whole mission would have failed. The whole mission depended upon Moses obeying every detail of every instruction given by God. This is the practical application to the Consecration Offering. This is also why Moses could administer the Consecration Offering for Aaron and his sons.

The training of Moses would have failed IF his character had not been developed. This is the failure of our “outward” training system that is used to train the natural mind of the ministers today. The head can be full but the character, the integrity and the attitude of the baby Christian that has graduated from seminary and is ordained to “ministry” but has not been rectified by the hand of God. God uses the “inward” developing system of training by beginning with a new inner man and an inner anointing and begins building from the inside outward.

The completion of the Six basic preparation experiences in the Outer Court dimension should be sufficient to enable EVERY Christian to give himself totally to God in full Consecration and complete the seventh experience. Since we seldom see this desire or ability in the assemblies we must conclude that the present “Outer Court” ministers are not equipped to even bring the new believers through the basic beginning experiences. Then with title and position the ministers become the cork in the bottle neck called “church” and prevent the believers from maturing and fulfilling the purpose for which God saved them.

It is for that reason that we must by-pass the current church system and go directly to the hungry believers that know there is more but have not yet found a clear answer. The inter net has become one method of reaching out but the progress is slow.

We have tried and are still attempting to go directly to the “Ministers” with four and five day “Pastor’s Conferences” with a confrontational message about the Kingdom but many are afraid of offending their denominational group. Most are afraid their “congregation” is not ready for such a radical message. Some present their doctrinal objections by saying that their whole church is already on the throne simply because they have accepted Jesus as Personal Savior. Many find the presenting the Tabernacle of Moses as the pattern for the believers to fulfill the purpose of God as extremely offensive because they think we are trying to bring them back under the Law.

There may be hundreds of reasons for the ministries to reject the message of the Kingdom but we have discovered that most of the objections come from “pastors” who have many doctrines but very shallow Christian experiences and little revelation of God’s Eternal Purpose or what God purposed FOR HIMSELF in the creation. They are confident that the outward church service is all that is required because they are just ministering GRACE!

They accuse us of ministering law and condemnation and refusing to permit the grace of God from being poured out on a sick and dying world. Our ministry actually BEGINS after the sick and dying world has received the Grace of God in forgiveness of sins (plural). It is the Grace of God that draws us into and through each of the seven Outer Court experiences. Consecration is the direct result of the abundance of the Grace of God being poured out on the advancing and developing believers. The Grace for additional transformation, essential in the seventh Outer Experience, is just as necessary and powerful as the Grace for forgiveness of sins in the first experience of repentance and faith. Each of us needs the Abundance of Grace from the first experience until Jesus breaks through the clouds of Glory to snatch away His bride ( the perfected saints). It is even the Grace of God that is perfecting the Bride in full preparation. God’s unmerited favor is essential for every growth and transformation step from sinner until we develop into the perfection of the New Jerusalem.

It is really disturbing to discover believers who have been walking in faithfulness to the visible church for many, many years who are totally ignorant of God’s Purpose or what He intended for HIMSELF in the creation. I believe that God will hold the “ministries” responsible for this dereliction of duty. There is no excuse that will be acceptable for that ignorance because the scriptures are clear!