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#360 Kingdom: What Is Kingdom Salvation?

It would be very controversial to ask “Is there any other kind of salvation than Kingdom salvation?” “Well, is there more than one salvation?” It would be like asking “Which church do you belong to?” “Well, is there more than one church?” It appears that there are several different kinds of salvation when we examine what some are preaching. For example there a is big difference between a Mormon salvation and a Jehovah Witness salvation. Among the various Protestant churches there are many “kinds” of salvation.

The Kingdom Salvation is the Eternally Secure kind! It appears that the “salvation” that is outside the Kingdom is in danger. Within the Gospel of the Kingdom there is all the provision for the whole New Covenant provision to be experienced. For example “I will forgive your sins and your iniquity I will remember no more.” That IS New Covenant Salvation but how we arrive at that salvation is different from church to church. Thank God, we all need that provision as a valid experience. Most Evangelical Churches acknowledge our need of forgiveness of sins. The “method” of salvation is what creates the controversy and the various levels of Christian life..

Each group has its own brand of salvation that is made effective by unique methods of faith and confessions. The “gospel” of ‘say these words after me’ or ‘make this confession from Romans 10:9-10" is very popular in some groups. This method of “salvation” doesn’t require a drawing of God or even the conviction by the Holy Spirit, it just requires us to make a decision to receive Christ as personal Savior. With this kind of salvation we can join a church and begin to serve God by paying our tithe and doing some kind of work in the assembly. Immediately we begin to be discipled by preaching or teaching from the pulpit or by some individual “equipper.”

While this “method of salvation” works in many cases there is no guarantee that an inner life is birthed or a new inner man is created. Some “sinners”are just “converted” by persuasion and not by being born from above. The message is something like this; Who would rather go to heaven than go to hell? Everyone who wants to go to heaven come to the front and say these words. When they do that they are assured of eternal salvation.

The question then is this; If there is no regeneration, is there really a genuine salvation? Is there salvation without being a new creation? Can the natural man after Adam be saved or is salvation limited to the new inner man? Does it require us to be born again, born of the water AND Born of the Spirit to enter the Kingdom of God? Is salvation a decision or a radically changed life? Can natural life be transformed into eternal life and be saved OR must there be an exchanged life, psuche for Zoe? Do we choose Christ or does He chose us? Can we be “saved” whether God is drawing us or not?

While most of these questions seem irrelevant to the casual Christian, they are extremely relevant today because of the diversities of salvation that is preached. Are there counterfeit “salvations” presented that have nothing to do with God or with His scriptures? This has become a big problem in the modern church!

In a recent article on the religious page of the local news paper the writer was quoting a Methodist minister as saying that there is more spiritual content in the X-men movies than can be found on Christian TV. The rest of the article revealed what that minister meant by “spiritual.” Her interpretation of “spiritual” had nothing in common with the Bible meaning of “spiritual.” She thought movies that dealt with human economic struggles and racism were ”spiritual themes” that were better addressed in the movies than on Christian TV. The fact is that “spiritual themes” may have nothing to do with Christianity. There is a “spiritual philosophy” as well as a “spiritual culture.” There is a “Christian philosophy” and a “Christian culture” that has invaded the church pulpits across our land and around the world. These may not be Christian at all and when developed to their conclusion may be “anti-Christ.”

We discover that nearly all “spiritual” terms must be redefined according to the Bible definition BEFORE we even have a basis for discussion. Since all Christian churches use basically the same text for their teaching, why this diversity of interpretation?

It is obvious that the world view of “spiritual” is diametrically opposed to

the Bible view and meaning of “spiritual.” However, why should there be such a diversity of meanings from church to church? In that same dimension, why should there be such a diversity of “salvations” from church to church? Catholic “salvation” is quite different from evangelical salvation. Then, salvation differs from one evangelical church to another. The same is true from one Pentecostal church to another.

Some churches mix law with grace and some are super grace where we are

supposed to be saved with no restrictions upon our behavior. The “free grace” churches are called liberal and others accept salvation by grace but are called conservative.

There is small wonder why there are so many different denominations. There are “Christian” cults that use the Bible but reject salvation by faith and some deny the very Lord who bought them. Still they use the name “Christian.” Some evangelical churches only believe in salvation that is limited to forgiveness of sins and in no further developing experiences and label the Gospel of the Kingdom as heresy. Some believe the Kingdom was postponed and is irrelevant today. Others believe the Kingdom, at the present time, is within the true Christian and that God has established His government within, in the new inner life of the new creation man. In other words some Christians believe there is an invisible Kingdom now and a visible Kingdom during the Millennium.

In most churches all this diversity is accepted because the Bible recognizes only one church in each location. This is doctrine but is that the church He is building? Some are so bold that they say “We are that church that Christ is building so you must join us to be included in His church.” Some recognize other churches but say we are the end time church and all other groups must join with us to participate in the end time ministries, which we are eager to appoint.

Suddenly we recognize that all people who use the name Christian do not have the inner life that is exclusively Christian. It appears that those who are trying to find common ground so that Jews, Christians, Hindus and Muslims can be united as the world’s four great religions fail to recognize that Christians are forever separated from all other religions by the supernatural Life that is exclusively CHRISTIAN. The resurrection Life of Christ is limited to those who are true Christians and is simply not available within any other group.

This statement is too radical for many churches that assumes that God accepts any religion that acknowledges a “higher power.” Then is God a respecter of persons? Yes! Those who reject Christ have an entirely different destiny than those who have been born from above, have been regenerated by the renewing of the Holy Spirit and then live by the uncreated Life of God.

Titus 3:4 But when the kindness of God our Savior and His love for mankind appeared, 5 He saved us, not on the basis of deeds which we have done in righteousness, but according to His mercy, by the washing of regeneration and renewing by the Holy Spirit, 6 whom He poured out upon us richly through Jesus Christ our Savior, 7 that being justified by His grace we might be made heirs according to the hope of eternal life.

But what about those who claim to have accepted Christ as Messiah and use the name “Christian” but have no outward evidence? Regardless of their interpretation, if they do not have a new inner man and an exchanged life, psuche, for eternal Life, Zoe, they will not have the same destiny as those who are born of God and received regeneration; a new Genesis.

This, then, defines the difference between those who hold to a “Christian Philosophy” or a “Christian Culture” or a “Christian Psychology” but do not have His Uncreated Life. My wife and I were in a Christian Science church for 15 ½ years. We read the Bible faithfully along with their books but never had the Life of Christ or a new regenerated inner man. The doctrine of the church contained a “Christian Philosophy” and the church supported a “Christian Culture” but was not “Christian by Life.” We held to a strong “Christian Psychology” but we were Christian in name only. Why? Simply because we didn’t have the resurrection Life of Christ within.

If this error was limited to just the “cults” there would not be a big problem in the Christian church. However, many churches and denominations that began in a strong faith and Christian experience and have a valid Christian history many years ago are no longer Christian by experience. Why? Is it because they don’t interpret scripture the same as us? Not at all! It is because they no longer possess the Life of Christ or have a regenerated inner man. This inner “LIFE” is what separates True Christianity from all other religions.

In most good churches there is a mixture of persons who are genuinely Christian and who have been “regenerated” and those who appreciate the fellowship and join in the local “Christian Culture” in that group. In other words every genuine Christian church will have a “Christian Culture” unique to that group. Nevertheless, not every church that has a “Christian Culture” is genuinely Christian. Genuine Christianity cannot be mistaken but a “Christian Culture” can exist without genuine Christianity. A “Christian Culture” does not demand an exchanged life or a newly created inner man or the new inner life unique to a genuine Christian..

At least some of those preaching on Christian TV are preaching a “Christian Philosophy” and using a “Christian Psychology” to raise more money. Recently there was a popular Christian evangelist that was flying around in a 20 million dollar jet, which was owned by the ministry and living in a 4 million dollar house who was trying to raise money to support his ministry.

We won’t even speak about the “Christian Politics” that have invaded many respected ministries. Some groups have become more political than spiritual. They focus more on changing the world than to change the source of their life. Some are trying to change society by “ Christian Political Activism” instead of with the Gospel of the Kingdom! By ignoring the New Covenant provision they never experience an exchanged inner life. Some who have not experienced a transformed inner life have no alternative than to demonstrate in public against the corruption in the world. The public demonstration is assumed to be “Christian” because of the signs they carry. They are projecting a “Christian Philosophy” but many are not genuinely Christian. If “Christians” are opposed to abortion and homosexuality then those who demonstrate must be Christian. They may agree with a Christian Philosophy and enjoy a Christian Culture without being Christian by birth, by Life and by experience.

While the world continues to demand easier abortions and unrestrained perverted living and legal pornography is escalating, the only thing that can delay this corruption is a Spiritually Regenerated Church living the message they proclaim. Carrying more signs and organizing more demonstrations will change nothing. It is obvious that the visible Christian church is totally ineffective against the world system! This is NOT because they use a different Bible or acknowledge a different Christ but because they have not yet experienced the power of His resurrected Life that is available within the provision of the New Covenant.

Becoming Salt and Light in the darkness of this world system is the ONLY way to win the world to Christ. The world must see much more than signs condemning their lifestyle. No one is converted by reading a sign. However, through the foolishness of preaching some may be saved. However, as long as the church preaches one thing and lives another thing the world will not be impressed. The world is certainly not blind to the hypocrisy in the visible church. Carrying sings and demonstrating against the lifestyle of the world neither impresses the world OR God.