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#334 Kingdom: The Synthesis Of Restored Truth

Ever since Pentecost there has been those who were seeking “TRUTH” as the basis for the Christian Life. Truth for doctrine’s sake has also been popular but Truth for life’s sake is more productive. Jesus said that He IS the “TRUTH” and the “LIFE.” As we have shared for many years, the word “truth” in the Greek is an active word that would be better translated as “REALITY” or experiential truth. Vines Dictionary says it means “unconcealed”; “manifest”; “actual”; “true to fact”; “conforming to reality”; “real”; “genuine”; “ideal.” Therefore, Christ Jesus IS the ultimate reality and Truth manifested by His LIFE.

Since Pentecost there have been many, many Bible Scholars who have spent their life seeking out Divine Truth as the foundation of the church and the guiding light of our progressing experience. The only real research source that we have to unveil God’s unveiling of “truth” is the written scriptures. This includes both the Old Testament AND the New Testament scriptures. However, history shows us that “Truth” and “Life” should be progressing together. We might say that “Truth” must result in “Life” to be genuinely Christian.

When some “prophets”from Jerusalem came to Antioch and preached that all Gentiles must first be circumcised before they could be Christian, Paul and Barnabas went to Jerusalem to confront the church there about this doctrine. The elders there had obviously approved of that “theory” but without any revelation of God’s unfolding truth. Paul was not just a scholar of scripture but he also had revelation of God’s unfolding Truth. It appears that James was the man to convince in Jerusalem even though there was a council of men there. Upon reading Amos 9 they repented of this doctrine of literal, outward circumcision in the flesh and realized that truth was an unfolding revelation and not just facts written in stone.

Even though the “letter” of the scripture was true, it was subject to the Holy Spirit to make it Divine Truth and give it Life. The “letter” of scripture still kills and the Spirit of the scripture still gives “life” but the source of both are the same scriptures. This “introduction” of Spirit to interpret scripture has been a stumbling block to theologians ever since. Therefore, the restoration of the Holy Spirit’s influence in the church has resulted in the increasing of Divine Truth that is made available to the church. The Restoration of Divine Truth has resulted in the restoration of the church to God’s Eternal Purpose.

We have come to realize that the scriptures do not contain one fixed revelation or understanding for all ages but is an unfolding revelation and a progressive understanding of God’s Eternal Truth. The Holy Spirit has regularly taken the things of Jesus and progressively revealed them to those who have been chosen to establish truth for that age.

Unfortunately, it has also resulted in numerous factions and denominations and hostile relations between Christians of every persuasion. How could the restoration of Divine Truth be so destructive to unity? Many believe that “truth” was finalized and concluded when the New Testament Bible was written and that only a literal interpretation is valid now. However, that “fact” was arrived at by “reason and opinion” and not by revelation or spiritual understanding. The “progression of truth” is, of course, a controversial doctrine because that would mean there is no fixed truth and truth is a moving target always realigning itself. The fact seems to be clear that God has made “theologians and scholars” totally dependent upon Him for spiritual light and that the Holy Spirit is the revelator of truth today as in all past history. This “total dependence” upon God for unfolding truth is unacceptable to the intellectual scholar because he trusts in his own ability to understand Bible facts. If the scriptures were just an assortment of facts that might be sufficient but all church history reveals that truth is progressive and it aligns itself according to our actual experience of revealed truth. In other words, the genuine experience of the last restored truth is necessary before more truth is revealed by the Holy Spirit.

However, it is clear that if there is no experience of restored truth this does not prevent the “scholar” from “designing” truth and establishing doctrines that emphasize one aspect of things that are true in the Bible. For example; justification by faith or reconciliation of all men to God through Calvary. The Calvinists believed that God had only provided salvation to the elect that were predestined to be saved. That Christ only died for the elect and His salvation only applies to those who were chosen by God in eternity past. Gradually many Calvinists received some understanding about Christ’s universal death and God’s reconciliation and drifted toward the Methodist position. The Methodist “position” was split into two. (1) The Calvinist Methodist and (2) the Arminian Methodist. The Methodist Position was a coming together to learn and then a going out to preach and included everyone. The plan was always to work within the Angelical Church and become an evangelistic arm of the established church system.

Increasing light has always caused division. This has caused those who seek outward unity to reject anything that causes division. The reason, they say, is that God has ordained just one body of Christ. Certainly, we could agree that it is “true in the Bible” that there is just one body but the popular conclusion is not the final “Truth.” This is simply because what we see is true in the Bible may NOT be true in our experience. Once we see that the unity of the body is seen in the Lampstand and not in the Altar or the Laver or the Anointing we are approaching the “Truth.” However, the Lampstand Church is not yet a restored Truth in most of the church today as far as we can see with our natural eyes. All the churches in Revelation 2 & 3 didn’t appear to be Lampstand churches either.

We know, according to scripture, that the whole of creation is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God. This is “true” but it is not yet restored Truth. From about 1880 until 1906 much of the church saw the truth of the necessity of the baptism of the Holy Spirit but that was not yet a “restored Truth.” When that “Truth” was actually restored much of the church rejected it because it didn’t come the way they expected.

Most of the Pentecostal Church has not yet experienced the fulness of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit after 100 years. The truth of scripture can be seen and understood for many years before the actual “Truth” is restored to the church. Why? Because knowing what is “true” is different from experiencing the “Truth”as personal reality.

One thing that delays the restoration of the next “Truth” is if we are not experiencing the reality of the last restored truth. Church history reveals that the leaders in the restoration of the last truth generally become the enemies of the next restored truth. For that reason each “restoration of Truth” must begin outside the established church structure. Every restored truth appears to be just another “division” which is always condemned as dividing the body of Christ and rejected by the leaders of the last restored truth.

In past church history each “restored truth” was received as the final truth and the ultimate revelation so the “lid” was put on further truth. From now onward it is important to fully understand that we need to experience the “Synthesis of all valid restored Truth.”

Dictionary– synthesis >noun (pl. syntheses) 1 the combination of components to form a connected whole. Often contrasted with analysis. 2 the production of chemical compounds by reaction from simpler materials.

What we imply from this term is combining all previously “restored truth” with the “newest restored truth” to form a “compound truth” which is the summation of all “divine Truth” restored up until this time. This approach assumes that there is much more restored truth to be revealed to other generations and other groups. My theory is that we cannot live in isolation and receive restored truth all by ourselves. My supposition is that a synthesis of all restored truth will ultimately lead us to the Epignosis or the full knowledge of God.

What we are seeing today is the summation of what God has revealed to the church since Pentecost. When we take several different chemicals and mix them together, the result is an entirely new substance that is different from any of the elements that are combined together. When we take all the restored truth since Pentecost and mix it with the Kingdom of God and the Eternal Purpose of God and the revelation of the pattern of the Tabernacle, the result is an entirely different kind of Christianity. IT is not that what was seen before was wrong but that it was not complete. The synthesis of all truth that has been restored by God up until today, including what is being restored today, IS THE CURRENT TRUTH!

The experience of Pentecost from 1906 to the 1940's changed the structure and direction of the church forever. However, many of the denominations refused these restored truths and stagnated in their progressing experience of Christ. We should recognize that “some restored truth” is not the “fulness of that Truth” and that “fulness of Truth” is a composition made up of many elements that have been revealed to many, many different people, many different denominations and movements over 2000 years.

Of course not ALL that has been “seen” has been valid revelations from God but gross deceptions invented by carnal men. These things can also be seen from Church History as different cults were birthed. What they proclaimed seemed true and a further understanding but when it was compared with the progression of truth from Pentecost onward it was shown to be a lie or at least distorted truth.

Unless we realize that ALL the scriptures, understood by revelation light, is the only guarantee of stability and the assurance that we have received God’s current “TRUTH.” It is certain that some will always be led astray by partial truth. It is written that Watchman Nee had accumulated about 3000 books by Christian writers by the time he was 23 years old. These were all the books that he could find from the early church fathers to the contemporary writers of his day. His “theology” then was a “synthesis” of all these truths, that actually lined up with scripture, that were previously revealed. Of course without a good knowledge of scripture he could have been easily led astray.

The fact is that every true scholar of Bible truths have received their understanding from multiple sources. Some ONLY know what they have received from others while some receive understanding from the Holy Spirit of specific truth. Some ONLY know what is accepted by their denomination and have no personal understanding. This IS the reason for the deadness in most closed denominations.

A little church history will help us understand this progression of truth and why there was the “dark ages”from about 590 AD up until the late 1400's. After the last of the Apostles died there were their disciples and others who became careful scholars of the scriptures but only having a few letters and the Old Testament for their study. The result was continuous disagreement, argument and division among the scholars. There was also a wide intrusion of philosophy into the equation of scriptural interpretation. The metaphysical concepts of Plato were mixed with “Christian” thought to form a kind of Christian philosophy. Plato lived about 700 years before Constantine but his philosophy is still taught today.

In 314 AD Constantine became the Emperor of the whole Roman Empire and he also became a “Christian” because he was victorious in a battle in 312 AD and attributed the victory to his prayer to the Christian God. While some doubt his “conversion” because of his reliance upon pagan gods for many years and the introduction of heathen feasts and goddesses. Nevertheless, the history of the church dramatically changed from that time.

He was disturbed by all the dissension and arguments which focused upon the Triune God and the Person of Christ Jesus. Some of his reasons for promoting unity of doctrine may have been political. Of course there were many other issues including the “succession of Bishops and Teachers”, the suffering of the Jews, the persecution of Christians, and what was genuine scripture. The nearly universal discrimination against Christians became another focus.

Constantine regarded all this division to be a poor testimony and set out to correct the problem. He began by making Christianity the national religion which resulted in the political acceptance of Christianity and stopped the persecution. Then he called for a council of all “bishops” at Nicaea in 325 to settle these various issues. In 330 AD Constantine made Constantinople the center of the Empire away from Rome. He died in 337 without accomplishing the unity of doctrine or Christian thought.

The same debates and disagreement continued through the Council of Nicaea and continued for about 250 years even though several “councils” were held. The first “Papacy” was established in 590AD and to stop the arguments the Bible was locked up. Now the new hierarchy of leadership was established to settle all the debates. There was no room left for argument or for disagreement. This was the beginning of 1000 years of the dark ages until the beginning of the “Reformation.” Even though the Catholic Church considered the Bible to be a closed book, some priests like Martin Luther had a Bible. He was the Professor of Biblical Studies at Whittenburg College in Germany and taught the Bible to priests. When he saw the truth of justification by faith he insisted upon the validity of this truth for divine guidance and the “Reformation” began. We call this the “restoration of Justification by Faith” that had been lost by the church.

We can divide the time from Pentecost to the Council of Nicaea as the time for individual scholars to seek personal revelation and understanding from the scriptures. Then from The establishment of the Papacy in 590 AD until the Reformation in 1517 the time is called the “dark ages” because scholarship ceased and there was very little light in the church. There was certainly no progressing revelation. The third general division is the continuous recovery of the church from 1517 up until today.

What happened during the dark ages is not of interest to us in this study. The actual restoration of the Truth is our focus in this study. Our purpose is to show the restoration of “truth” precedes the restoration of the church. Each new restored truth required a change in the religious system that was previously accepted. The problems developed when the “religious systems” refused the validity of progressive truth. This caused another “division” each time another truth / experience occurred. We can follow this pattern through each restored experience as the Truth and church was restored according to the Outer Court pattern of the Tabernacle of Moses. Most of these divisions remain today and explains the many different denominations.

The “reformation church” split into three main divisions with (1) the Lutheran in Germany and Scandinavia, (2) the Calvinist in Switzerland, France, Holland and Scotland and (3) The Church of England. The “reformation” did not establish New Doctrine but was a restoration of lost Bible Truth. Of course many strange doctrines always begin with any restored truth. A genuine enlightened Bible person who has an experience with the Holy Spirit can recognize the difference between the real and the counterfeit.

Of course the reformers were accused of changing the scriptures and of being unqualified to interpret the scriptures. However, they boldly declared that they didn’t change the scriptures but that the scriptures had changed them and their understanding of Bible Truth.

The value for us of understanding the progression of Truth in Church History is that the pattern that is revealed helps us understand what God is doing and restoring today. Our thesis is that the pattern of this recovery of truth follows the pattern of the Tabernacle Of Moses. If we examine it carefully we will see this is not just another theory but can be seen even with natural eyes. This is not a matter of proving it but of recognizing it from the pattern that was shown Moses on the mountain. The confirmation of the validity of this pattern of the Tabernacle of Moses for the restoration of the church is clearly shown in Hebrews 7- 8 - 9 and 10.

It is not necessary to do a detailed analysis of each restored truth but we need to see the overall view of the total restoration up until today. Since restored truth came at different times to different people in different countries, exact dates are not important, nor are the exact people who saw these things. What is important for us to see is this; with the progressive restoration of the Bible in each language, there came a restoration of truth and a restoration of experience in each location. Even though many denominations still reject genuine experience, it is clear that the doctrine of Justification by Faith is irrelevant UNLESS we are actually “Justified by Faith” in our experience. The Doctrine of Water Baptism will do nothing for us unless we have been actually buried with Him in baptism and have been resurrected with Him into a completely different life. The various “doctrines of Christianity” must result in a totally new species upon the earth or the doctrine is irrelevant.

The exact experience of the doctrine is an integral part of the doctrine and confirms its validity and reality. Otherwise it just remains an opinion or another theory. In other words the doctrine is “true” but may not yet have become the “Truth” in our experience. It is our experience that proves the validity of the “Doctrine of Truth.” Truth that does not result in an actual experience is just another theory. Many churches have developed a “doctrine of the Holy Spirit” but reject any experience with the Holy Spirit or His gifts.

Most of us have developed a theory about the end times but have very little understanding of the Book of Revelation. Some denominations prohibit their people from reading the Book of Revelation and the Book of Daniel because they cause so much controversy and confusion. Everybody develops a different opinion which disturbs our counterfeit unity.

Humanism has a way of interjecting itself into every restoration sooner or later and the battle against its introduction is always present. Humanism presents a life centered in human interests and values that promote the human life and lifestyle. It stresses the individual worth and the individual capacity for self-realization through reason and natural means. Humanism is the application of human reason to interpret spiritual truth.

humanism >noun 1 a rationalistic system of thought attaching prime importance to human rather than divine or supernatural matters. 2 a Renaissance cultural movement which turned away from medieval scholasticism and revived interest in ancient Greek and Roman thought.

A Bible example of humanism can be seen in Mat 16: 23] But He turned and said to Peter, “Get behind Me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to Me; for you are not setting your mind on God’s interests, but man’s.”

From the time of the reformation in 1517 back to the beginning of the Papacy in 590 AD the philosophy of humanism had infiltrated the church system and a “religious system of humanism” emerged that led into the dark ages. This same humanistic religious system that infiltrates the church today stands as an enemy of the next restoration. Probably more than in any past restoration because this restoration will require a complete dependence upon the spiritual illumination of the Seven Spirits of God. Homosexuality and other immoral life styles are accepted by the humanistic leaders of these denominations. It is not just that the leaders accept corruption into the system but that the whole system is corrupt.

Human reason will always reject spiritual truth because it simply cannot understand it because it is spiritually discerned. Human reason refuses to see any benefit to any truth it cannot rationally understand. This is one reason we believe that the full Consecration Offering is a requirement to participate in the next level of spiritual Light. Those who have a personal vested interested in their title or position in the status quo will not be interested in any change that might affect their religious position in the hierarchy of leadership. The reformation was violently rejected because it would have upset the Roman system of controlling the church.

The reformation was primarily against the corruption of the leadership and sought to “reform” the existing system not to start a new system. Unfortunately that is not the way of the radical restoration that is necessary today! It appears that a new kind of church system will be required for the furtherance of the next restored truth. For example; The Charismatics that stayed in the old structured systems were never able to advance in their Charismatic experience and died with the old systems. Many who were with us 30 years ago can hardly remember their original experience today and express no life of the Spirit. The carnal “Christian” in those systems have no way of knowing they are carnal and see themselves as “normal” compared with the others in those systems.

God’s Eternal Purpose surely centers around Christ Jesus AND the Glorious Church. The “church” will always be “central to God’s restoration. Those who insist upon being the Lone Rangers today may forfeit their place in the coming restoration. God is restoring truth to His church that Christ, Himself, is building. Therefore, we have no desire to leave His Church but to “transition” into the Church He is building. This church is NOT built with men’s hands and is not made of brick and wood. His church is NOT a building but a “people” who are being transformed into His image and likeness. Where they meet together is irrelevant.

We may speculate upon how He builds His Church by how He has restored Truth to His Church. Each “restored truth” is another “stone” in this construction of a spiritual sanctuary for a holy priesthood. If we recognize the “indwelling Christ”, the “indwelling Kingdom”, the “indwelling throne”, the “indwelling sanctuary” (soul and spirit) we should recognize that the “spiritual house” is not built with these earthen vessels that are visible (and must be left behind ) but with the inner life within that is being restored to His Image and Likeness.

1 Pet 2: 4] And coming to Him as to a living stone, rejected by men, but choice and precious in the sight of God, [5] you also, as living stones, are being built up as a spiritual house for a holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.

The extreme shallowness that is clearly seen in the “church of the Outer Court” can be attributed to the extreme shallowness of the inner life. This lack is also evident in the ministries which are attempting to lead the holy priesthood into bigger and more glorious building projects using Solomon’s Temple as their example of what God expects from us. The focus is upon the outward appearance and glory rather than the inward life of the saints.

The “outward power” demonstrated in the tent meetings from 1945 until 1960 was not matched by an internal transformation of the inner life and ,therefore, began to focus upon the spectacular. The “spectacular” was certainly not wrong (and was restored by God) but the result was more shallow lives stuck in a shallow church system. This blindness to the absolute necessity for “spiritual life” still persists today. The tragedy is that the existing “church system” seems to be unable to change. The “little flock” mentality looks better and better each year to more and more people.

“Prophets” with shallow lives are still teaching “believers” with shallow lives how to move into the gifts of the Spirit. Shallow “Pastors” are still teaching shallow “members” how to act like Christians. Shallow “Evangelists” are teaching unsaved people how to “say these words after me” but no new species of Christians emerge. Shallow “Apostles” are delivering more milk to “shallow disciples” who are already suffering from “milk poisoning.” Shallow “Teachers” are reading familiar verses and “expounding” with irrelevant information that falls to the floor. The mass of visitors and transients that are moving around each week are some serious seekers who are just seeking for spiritual reality.

I am guessing that all the restored truth up until this day will finally be brought together into a spiritual synthesis in the Showbread. This “truth / reality” when digested will produce an inner life and spiritual power not yet seen in all church history. According to my understanding of scripture this “restoration” is predestined for every believer who will make the transition to the Lampstand Church. In other words this “spiritual power” will be demonstrated by the “Priesthood Ministry” that is made up of every member of His Living Body. When the ingested WORD of God [Showbread - John 6 ] becomes Life in Us, the Sword of the Spirit will be in our mouths and when delivered in the Spirit ( inner anointing ) it will bring spirit and life to those that hear.

I am speculating that all the frustration of those seeking spiritual reality today will not be alleviated by the “church system” that we see today. Therefore, each one must seek spiritual reality by developing their inner life. That means a growing and developing of their spirit and a radical cleansing of all the garbage in the soul. This is how we build a new holy sanctuary for the indwelling Presence of the Trinity so each one of us can finally offer spiritual sacrifices that are acceptable to God. [ In the Inner Sanctuary]

While this begins personally it is not designed to remain personal but to become many corporate living (pure Gold) stones being built together into the true Lampstand Church that will begin to function as a Holy Priesthood.