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#299 Kingdom: Various Ways of Presenting the Kingdom

(1) Direct confrontation – In your face – Either, or– No choice– This is the way it is— The Kingdom cannot be modified– Pay the price or be excluded– If you do this you will never inherit the Kingdom– Only those who do His will— Lukewarm cast out— Casual seekers will not find– There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.— Produce something with what you were given or be brought to His Presence and killed.– The Kingdom is given on the basis of fruit.— If your eye offend you pull it out– The least in the Kingdom; the greatest in the Kingdom( everyone not equal) –Everyone must force their way into the Kingdom– Through many tribulations we enter Kingdom– Kingdom not in words but in power– Only those who are worthy of the Kingdom– God has no mercy on those who extend no mercy– God forgives those who forgive– The tax gatherers and harlots will get into the Kingdom before you– Bind him hand and foot and cast hin into outer darkness.— Many are called but few are chosen— Be on the alert for you don’t know the day or the hour– Either bear fruit or be cast into the fire— Only the overcomers will sit with Him and inherit – Are you able to drink the cup that I am about to drink– I will crush every other Kingdom–

(2) The subtle Approach – sow the seed and wait– Search in the field until it is found.— Gather in multitudes and sort out the good from the bad.— Seek for the highest and sell all to buy it.— My Kingdom is not of this world– the Kingdom of God is within you– Build your Life and abundance entrance will be made for you into Kingdom.–

The wisdom is knowing which approach to use with different people. The self righteous are confronted head on but the humble are encouraged. Sow the seed with the ignorant but confront the arrogant. Convince those who are doubting. Teach those who are hungry. Explain and debate those who have potential and are honest and are seeking for more. Don’t hold back anything from true disciples. Present the demands of the Kingdom to everybody who will listen.