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#260 Kingdom: Some Facts We have Learned about the Kingdom

#1 It is an everlasting Kingdom that always was, it is now and it ever shall be. It will never pass away.

#2 This Kingdom of God will destroy every other kingdom. {Including our own kingdom}

#3 The Kingdom has always functioned as God’s Government. That Government rests upon Jesus’ shoulders.

#4 The Kingdom cannot be “built” by man. It is already built. Man can enter but he cannot create.

#5 The Kingdom is that invisible realm of God’s Presence, His desires, His plans, His purposes, and is the realm of His character. Therefore, it is of the realm of His government over the whole of His creation, including all the universe.

#6 Psalms 24:1 The earth is the LORD’S, and all it contains, The world, and those who dwell in it.

#7 Psalms 99:1 The LORD reigns, let the peoples tremble; He is enthroned above the cherubim, let the earth shake!

#8 Psalm 90:2] Before the mountains were born, Or Thou didst give birth to the earth and the world, Even from everlasting to everlasting, Thou art God.

#9 The Kingdom already exists in fulness, we may “receive the Kingdom” which cannot be shaken.

#10 We may “preach the Kingdom” that already exists “as eternity” and Is from everlasting to everlasting.

#11 The Kingdom doesn’t come with observation but is now within, in our heart and in our renewed mind. It is recognized by its laws within. No laws, no Kingdom!

#12 We can only know the Kingdom after it is firmly established within. The Kingdom is not another doctrine, without, outside, but a reality within. No reality, no Kingdom!

#13 The Kingdom comes as seed that must be nourished and developed within. The more Kingdom seed that is sown the more Kingdom that is developed.

#14 The more Kingdom that is developed the more anti-Kingdom character that is forced out.

#15 The Kingdom within is the cleansing agent for removing anti-Kingdom attitudes.

#16 Question! Does the Kingdom government within precede the priesthood or does the priesthood within precede the Kingdom government?

#17 Answer! In the priesthood after the order of Melchizedek both the King-priest ministry seems to grow and develop together.

#18 The priesthood ministry develops out of the government of God, within! The Government of God develops within as we minister to God as priests. Ignore His government and be eliminated from the priesthood.

#19 The Kingdom, the priesthood, the manifested sons, the bride, the New Jerusalem, and the Government of God is all speaking of the same thing but from different viewpoints.

#20 The Kingdom below is a reality in that dimension. The Kingdom above is a reality in that dimension. The Kingdom above can only be seen by entering that realm. If we have been raised up with Christ we can discern that dimension above. But, first the natural, then the spiritual!

#21 The Kingdom is revealed to those who are “children” and those who know they are bankrupt.

#22 Entering the Kingdom is reserved for those who do His will and not for those who just believe something.

#23 Within the Kingdom there are those who are greatest and those who are least. There is a hierarchy in the Kingdom of heaven. The greatest here may be the least there.

#24 The Kingdom is like a treasure that cannot be found unless we are looking for it.

#25 The Kingdom is like a dragnet that brings in all kinds, the good and the bad which are then sorted out. There are keepers and others who are discarded.

#26 The Kingdom is not sentimental. It can easily discard those who fail to meet the standards of the Kingdom!

#27 Ultimately the Kingdom will only be given to those who are producing the fruit of the Kingdom. No seed, no fruit!

#28 Woe to those who don’t enter into the Kingdom and then try to prevent others from entering.

#29 Not all Kingdom seed will produce Kingdom fruit, it depends upon the soil.

#30 God reveals the “mysteries of the Kingdom” to some but those “outside” receive the facts in parables. Is God a respecter of persons? Yes!

#31 The Kingdom has already come but most are not aware of it because it didn’t come in visible form.

#32 Jesus said it is “difficult to enter the Kingdom of God.”

#34 It is possible to be “not far from the Kingdom” but still not enter.

#35 Jesus was sent for the purpose of preaching the Kingdom of God.

#36 The least in the Kingdom of God is greater than John the Baptist.

#37 God has gladly chosen to freely give us the Kingdom so if we don’t receive it the resistance is on our part, not God’s.

#38 John the Baptist was the watershed prophet between the old and the new. Since John the Gospel of the Kingdom is preached.

#39 If we forsake everything the motivation must be the Kingdom of God.

#40 It was never God’s plan for the Kingdom to appear immediately with the Messiah.

#41 Jesus went away to “receive the Kingdom” then return. Has He returned yet?

#42 God has already granted Jesus a Kingdom and now He has granted us a kingdom but we must first qualify.

#43 The Kingdom is entered through “spiritual births” not by genealogy or church membership..

#44 It is then through many tribulations that we enter the Kingdom, not by casually believing.

#45 Those who have not been transformed from their old manner of life of flesh cannot inherit the Kingdom.

#46 Flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom. It is in a spiritual dimension beyond the flesh and blood realm.

#47 No impure person has any inheritance in the Kingdom.

#48 We must be evaluated to see if we are counted worthy of the Kingdom of God.

#49 The Lord must deliver me from every evil deed to bring me safely into His Kingdom.

#50 There are a series of qualities that must first be added to our experience before an entrance into His Kingdom can be granted us.

#51 Since “Righteousness is the scepter of His Kingdom” we must experience righteousness for His scepter to be extended toward us.

#52 The Eternal Kingdom will be made up of Kings and Priests and will therefore be a Kingdom of priests.

#53 It is these “Kings and Priests” that will reign upon the earth.

#54 The saints will receive the Kingdom and its authority and dominion and will reign forever.

#55 The character of the saints must be His own character or they could not reign with Him in His same attitude. Christ- likeness will be the character of those who reign with Him.