Worshiping the Father in Repentance

     Lord, nothing is hid from your sight. You know my every failure, sin and guilt. You are aware of all the perverse things I have inherited from my ancestors. You know all of my fallen ways that I have developed myself. You also know that I am unable to correct these things. My desire is to be perfect like you but I have miserably failed to change my ways for Your ways.
     My only hope is in the redeeming work of Your Son on Calvary and the disciplining work of the Holy Spirit in my life. I trust fully and solely in your abiding grace, mercy and forgiveness and Your subjective work within me. Lord Jesus, I receive the cleansing and purification of your redeeming blood and fully trust in it’s all encompassing power to remove all defilement of flesh and spirit and every sin that has bound me.
     Therefore, I repent of my sins, failures, futile way of life, bad attitudes, character defects and every characteristic that is displeasing to My Father in Heaven.
     My Father and My God, I look solely to you to sever me from my old root in Adam and to graft me into that heavenly root of the Lord Jesus Christ. I renounce all my old heritage and futile way of life that I inherited from my forefathers.  I now by faith claim that I have been grafted into Jesus Christ and I now begin with a brand new genealogy. For that reason, by faith, I lay claim upon the scriptural truth that God is now my Father and I am His child.  
     I make proclamation, declare and believe that no generational curse can now have any effect in my life and that every generational curse is broken and removed far from me. I believe that ALL old things have truly passed away and ALL things have become new. My genealogy and ancestry begin with Jesus Christ and I now take my heritage and inheritance from Him.
     Father, I thank you that you have severed me from my past and adopted me into Your family. That You love me as your child and that you desire the very best for me eternally. Therefore, I believe that you will heal every broken place in my life and deliver me from every power that would pull me backwards.
     I repent of all the times I tried and failed to live a life pleasing in Your sight in the power of my flesh. The scriptures say “How much more will the Heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask”. Therefore, I ask for all of the Holy Spirit that it is now possible to receive. I ask for the fullness of the Spirit and the power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus promised that we would receive power when the Holy Spirit came upon us.  Since I believe this is Your will I also believe that I have now received Him in fulness and that He has now come upon me..  
     Father, You see all the enemies that fiercely assail me with unbelief, fear, lust, anger, discouragement and stir up the works of the flesh. I repent of each of these and I come to You to receive overcoming grace and spiritual strength for victory over them.
     Lord Jesus, I know that You overcame the evil one and made an open show of him at Calvary. Even though he had the power and keys of death You took them back and now hold them. Holy Spirit of God I now receive the anointing of faith and the abundant grace that I might rule in life through the One Jesus Christ. Please forgive the negative confessions of unbelief and purge me of all fear, unbelief, doubt, self-pity and unrighteousness.
     Heavenly Father, I receive your restoring love and your redeeming friendship and my right standing with You. Establish me in the fulness of Your New Covenant and all it’s provisions. Make me a channel to comfort others with the comfort that I have been comforted.
     Father, I accept the trials, misunderstands and adverse circumstances as the means to expose my weaknesses and failures. Regardless of the source, I know You could have prevented them but You can use them for my perfection and maturity. I need and covet Your discipline in my life that I might have the assurance of being a son.
     I reconsecrate myself to You and to Your eternal purpose. I know that I have not always acted according to the new inner man but I have reverted back to the old nature. My actions have been a contradiction to my confessions and I have fallen short of my consecrations. I ask the Spirit of Grace to strengthen my godly inner desires and to grant me effective power to fulfill my obligations. I believe You have birthed these desires in me and that You will give me everything I need to resolve these failures.
     Lord Jesus, I know You overcame the fear of man and that You acted only upon the will of Your Father. I am still ensnared by the fear of man and often fail to act to fulfill the will of God for fear of displeasing people. I ask that You would replace my fear of man with a faith to do the will of God and please Him.
     I willingly forgive those who have betrayed me and misused me and I intercede for them that You also do not hold it to their charge but that You will fully forgive them. Please heal my wounds and purify my heart in these matters and fix the broken places that are still there.
     Father I fully accept that You have chosen me, elected me and called me to Your high calling in Christ. Because of Your call and purpose it is necessary to perfect me to complete that purpose. I fully accept any discipline that comes from Your hand but I persistently reject and resist any interference or workings of the devil. Please help me guard what I have entrusted to You and discern which force is working. Always work Your righteousness in my life in every situation. Search me, Oh God, and discover and expose every wicked way in me. Lead me in the eternal and everlasting way that has been preordained for me.
     Father, open my eyes that I might discern that those things that have been taken from me are not loss but eternal gain. Let me understand that knowing Christ Jesus is exceedingly more important that any loss I have received. I open my heart wide now to receive that revelation of Christ that leads to deeper repentance. I want to know Him, His sufferings, His death so that I might experience His resurrection in my life.
     Father, my great desire is to see Your manifest presence in our midst. I pray that anything that would hinder our enjoyment of that great blessing would be dealt with and removed from our midst at whatever cost. Either personal or corporate let it be destroyed. Whatever will hinder us from drawing near to You, root it out quickly. Please deal violently with what ever will hinder You from building the Tabernacle of David in our midst. We need Your throne and your presence at whatever cost is necessary.
     Father, I pray that You would create a clean heart corporately in our assembly and renew a steadfast spirit within each of us. But create within each of us a new passion for Your presence. Rekindle that fire of God within each of us that burns with holy fear and restores us to first love. Lord make it real, experiential and absolute because we don’t want to be vomited out of Your body. Lord we want the same passion for the Presence of God that You put in David’s heart. We also want to bring the Ark of His Presence to Jerusalem, the church.
     Father, without the fire and glory of Your presence we are just like the other peoples of the earth. We want to be known as “the people of the Presence”. Therefore, Father, develop within each of us the revelation of Christ and where He sits so that we might become a people of praise and worship. I acknowledge the pitiful level of praise and worship that we now offer as a sacrifice to You. Lord, unless You put something more in us this is about all You can get out of us. Remember we are just dust and are totally dependent upon Your grace and mercy for every advancement. I beg You to bring me to a higher place of spontaneous, anointed, uninhibited and abandoned praise and worship that is acceptable and pleasing to You. I am ashamed of my current level of worship and repent of it’s shallowness. Lord, remove from me every hindrance and build into me whatever it takes to make me a worshiper that You seek after.
     Father, You forbid any defective, lame or sick sacrifice from Your altar. I confess that the sacrifice my praise and worship is defective, lame and sick but I pray and ask for complete healing for me and this assembly.
     Father, You have set into our assembly certain visible leaders that are examples to the flock. I ask for the divine skill to equip these leaders to be Divine Worshipers. Please, give each leader a heart that can only be satisfied when they are pursuing You with all their heart and strength. Build within each one a passion for Jesus that will ignite the whole fellowship into unrestricted worship. I pray for our worship team that You would sanctify each one for a unity that will lead the assemble to the next level of praise and worship. Father, remove the disgrace of such a low level of worship to such a great God by preparing us now for advancement to a much greater level of worship.
     Father, You have poured out without measure all good things upon us. Now equip us to pour out upon You all the praise and worship due Your mighty name. Father, we are sick of just wanting everything for us and we ask You to give us a new heart that only wants everything for You. Father, turn us from self-centered to God centered. We are willing to exchange our creature comforts for a higher spiritual worship in spirit and in truth.
     Father, open the eyes of our understanding that we might recognize what You have accomplished by putting us into Your Son, Jesus. While we “know it” we have no revelation of the magnitude of what You have done. Help us to find and take our place in Him that You preordained. We refuse to once again become victims of human circumstances and we claim our position as New Covenant believers. Lord Jesus, make the New Covenant in Your blood a reality in our life. Make us an assembly of true worshipers.
     Father, I am yet so far from Your Kingdom and Your government experientially in my life. I pray that You would once again sensitize my spirit to Your laws that You have put in my mind and written upon my heart. I have once again become hardened to the conscience and insensitive to Your Spirit. Forgive me again and restore an active conscience within me. Make me sensitive to Your Kingdom within once again.
     Father, cause Your Kingdom to come and Your will to be done here on earth as it is now being done in heaven and begin in me and this assembly. I acknowledge that Your Kingdom has many enemies but I refuse to be one of them. I ask that You remove from me anything that would hinder me from living in harmony with Your Kingdom. Father, I want to stand with You against every enemy of Yours and be part of Your spiritual army here on earth. Please equip me now for whatever battle lies ahead. Therefore, I ask that You cast out of me every foe and every idol and all fear that would keep me from the battle.
     Father, without Your transforming grace I know I will fail in every attempt at advancement into Your Kingdom because of my divided heart and lingering desire for the things of this life. Lord, You see every hindrance to my further growth and I ask that You would complete the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit to remove these defects and hindrances.
     Father, I accept that total redemption must include much more than forgiveness of sins and must include a restoration to Christ likeness. Since restoration includes brokenness I pray that You would hold back nothing that I might be strengthened and renewed in my inner man.  I fully submit to You for the weaving of the beautiful garments of the bride and that I would be ready for that glorious presentation. Lord, whatever it takes!
     I confess and acknowledge that You are the eternal potter Who is creating vessels of honor for Your eternal house. Therefore, break me and make me into that reshaped and renewed vessel that is pleasing in Your sight. I am already shipwrecked, bankrupt, devastated and have nothing to lose and everything to gain by Your sanctifying work. Please complete the work for the day of Christ. How can I worship You, as You deserve, while in this fallen state? Lord, I believe that You want my future years to be the finest and most productive yet and I fully believe that You will fully redeem me for that eternal purpose and Your great name’s sake.
      Lord, You have not only redeemed us but You have ordered our lives to reflect your grace and mercy and to manifest Your beauty and peace. While I have fallen far short of that blessing I believe that You will pour out Your Spirit upon me to fulfill Your great desire. Therefore, I receive that greater anointing by faith because I believe that is Your will for now. Lord, I believe that my life has to be a true worship before I can offer up true worship in spirit and in truth. Lord, whatever it takes to make me a true worshiper, do it.
     Father, I consecrate myself again to help You gather the living stones for Your eternal house. Even though I have compromised in the past I want to regain whatever I have lost and be a blessing to You for Your excellent glory.
     Father, even though I don’t really know You very well, I know I can trust You with all that I am and all that I have. Therefore, pierce my ears and receive me as Your bondservant.
     Lord, I know that You have numbered my days and allotted me certain days on this earth. My desire is to live out those day in the fullest measure and that I might be carried to Your presence in full honor and Your blessing. For that reason I ask boldly for the wisdom necessary to fulfill Your plan and to enter into Your joy. I ask for the anointing of wisdom and joy to fulfill every task that You have designed for me to accomplish. Build in me now everything I need to pass the work on to others that they also receive the crown of life.
     Lord Jesus, You are The Truth while much of my life is still a lie. I pray that You would replace every lie in my life with the Truth that You are. If I am to grow into Your likeness my life must become truth. Make the unreality of my life into Your Reality. Your word is Truth! Make me a reflection of Your word. Holy Spirit, You are the Spirit of Truth and Reality and I ask that You would invade every aspect of my life and complete that very powerful work that You have begun. My vision is far beyond my experience but I acknowledge that You have given me the vision. Therefore, I believe that Your plan is to make my vision into eternal reality. I fully submit to Your great desire to cause The Word to become flesh in me.
     Lord, do something to make me a true worshiper and make our assembly into a house of true worshipers. You have established the standard of “True Worship” and we cannot be satisfied with anything less.