Silence is not just the absence of words.
     If you write a note you have broken your silence.
Unless you are disciplined and practiced in discipline, to quietly help in the kitchen may break your silence.
     Reading a certain book can break your silence.
     It is God before Whom we want to be quiet and silent.
     If your mind is racing and scurrying after fleeting things it is no longer silent before God
     One way we create silence is with the absence of words.
     Another way is through the stillness of our body.
     Another way is the discipline of mental activity.
     It is only if our voice within us is silent that we can hear God’s voice.
     God does not force Himself upon us or shout to make us hear His voice.
If we truly love God enough to lay aside our daily interest, retreat into silence, give ourselves and our full attention to God, He will speak loudly enough for us to hear.
     Silent prayer is setting our attention and priorities fully upon God, Himself.  
     Anytime we pray and don’t hear anything from God we die a little.
     Listening prayer and hearing prayer adds to our life and peace.

An explanation of silence in prayer.
     To give a little explanation about this unusual type of prayer is necessary for those who have only experienced “talking prayer”. While “talking prayer” and “asking prayer” are both valid and Biblical they are not the only kind of prayer.
     The silence in prayer gives God the opportunity to speak with us and correct us and do a work in us that may be essential for us to advance into God and His purpose. This will have eternal benefits for us far beyond receiving an answer to a request.
     There is currently so much dissatisfaction with the normal level of prayer life that it should be obvious that there must be a better beginning point. If prayer is limited to the thoughts and intentions of our minds and what we think we need there will eventually be great dissatisfaction. Prayer that cooperates with God to Get His will done on earth as it is in heaven is more spiritually satisfying.
     When we realize that the Holy Spirit is directing us to pray in a certain way or area of life, and we are able to complete that task, there is a certain confidence achieved. Always telling God what He should be doing will soon bring the revelation that we are lord and He is servant.
     Praying in tongues is effective because we don’t know how to prayer in English effectively and may be used to get started. Eventually though it is difficult to hear God when we are speaking in tongues. For that reason seasons of silence are recommended for any prayer time.
     The hopelessness found in many church circles is the result of not being able to get in touch with God. We talk about communion and fellowship with God in prayer but if that doesn’t really happen to our satisfaction we soon get discouraged.  We may even think that God has rejected us or that we have offended God and He is ignoring us.
     There seems to be an “ART OF UNKNOWING” now all the things that we have always known. In other words we should be open to learn another way of communicating with God if our current way is not fruitful. Silence in prayer is another way but certainly not the only way!