(1) Those who quit on the journey stop short of their eternal destiny !
(2) Fear of going on creates a hole to fall into.
(3) The most powerful deception is the fear of falling into deception.
(4) Fear is sometimes stronger than faith and destroys faith.
(5) The “friends” who use the name of Jesus but destroy faith are many times more evil than the cults.
(6) Friends without faith are stumbling blocks in our journey and dig holes for us to fall into.
(7) The higher the call the higher the mountain we must climb to see the way and the greater the opposition.
(8) There is a freedom in faith and a bondage in fear.
(9) The path to the highest mountain is the most difficult to climb and contains the most pitfalls.
(10) To run the race for the greatest prize requires the greatest sacrifice and limits the baggage.
(11) It requires the greatest discipline to receive the highest prize and share His holiness. This is a race we cannot afford to lose.
(12) The lack of discipline will produce the greatest loss in the Kingdom.
(13) Even though the path becomes more difficult each step is more liberating and vision becomes clearer.
(14) Strong conviction increases the higher we climb and the closer we get but is the means to the greatest liberation.
(15) Chaos and confusion diminish and vision is increased the higher we climb and the farther we see.
(16) The severe dealings of God on the way is to prepare us respond to what is ahead of us.
(17) Judgement must begin with the household of God before God can release His power through the church.
(18) Judgement must precede the manifestation of His glory in the church.
(19) We need the touch of God on our lives to clear our minds and to focus our thoughts.
(20) Fixing our eyes on Jesus is the beginning of freedom. Fixing our eyes on ourselves or others is the way of confusion and doubt.
(21) The necessity of seeking His presence is that He must be close enough to touch us and His touch is liberating.
(22) Claiming your inadequacies and disabilities is a form of pride and false humility but is an excuse and not a reason. God has promised to be our sufficiency. Lack is unbelief.
(23) Faith takes hold of God’s adequacy and His anointing and His grace.
(24) If we step out in faith God’s mercy will cover any failure.
(25) Fear of failure means we are looking at ourselves rather than fixing our eyes upon Jesus.
(26) True humility is a blessing but false humility is a curse and causes God to withdraw from us.
(27) The true revelation of Christ will judge the anti-christ within us by comparison.
(28) His presence becomes an addiction that requires a new fix daily.
(29) Outside of His presence, hell is just a step away.  
(30) Outside of His presence we just guess but in His presence there is understanding.
(31) The wisdom from above must be sought after but the wisdom from below is always at the door.
(32) Depression is a deception that twists our understanding and covers us with a fog of delusion. Then wisdom from below will have open access.
(33) From God’s presence there is not seen anything but His glory. Therefore even the earth appears to be filled with His glory. Our viewpoint defines which we see and what our faith can grasp.
(34) Fixing our eyes on Jesus transforms our vision from negative to positive and toward the eternal.
(35) When we abide in Him it is clear that truth always rules over deception.
(36) To abide in Christ is to live in wisdom and grace.
(37) The “eyes of the heart” are the window of the Spirit. They are either open or closed. The open eyes of the heart let us see the throne of grace.
(38) The closed eyes of the heart provide a veil over the throne of grace.
(39) The brass altar is the place of judgement on all our sins and carnality and we must pass through judgement to come to His presence. Judgement is to be desired more than gold and precedes gold.
(40) The altar of judgement is the beginning of heaven.
(41) We are living in the time when we will witness the judgement coming upon the earth as in the days of Lot.
(42) Lot was righteous and different but did not stop the judgement by his life and witness.
(43) Sodom is a type and example for us as is Lot. We wonder what would have been the result if he had won 10 to righteousness.
(44) Even though Lot “saw” the rest remained blind. In Mat 11:24 Jesus said Sodom could have been saved
(45) The severe judgement of God upon our lives is the door way to his glory.
(46) It requires faith and understanding to earnestly ask for His judgements to fall upon us now!
(47) The Lord’s judgements and His ways melt together to direct our path. His mercy covers our failures.
(48) Instantly agreeing with His judgements and changing our life will speed us on His path.
(49) It is one thing to seek the will of God but quite another to seek the presence of God. You may do the will of God and not be changed but you cannot be in the presence of God and remain the same.
(50) We will discern the difference when we draw near to Him with sin in our heart.
(51) The closer we walk with God the more our carnality is exposed and the more horrendous our sin becomes. Selfishness appears as a monster.
(52) Like Jonah we can sleep while the storms are sinking the ship. Even the heathen have to wake up the sleeping church to call upon our God. The prophet of God is traveling the wrong way and sleeps.
(53) There is a beast in Rev 13 waiting for the church to be cast overboard.
(54) The demands of ministry keeps us from the presence of God. The treasures of the sea cannot be compared with the treasures of heaven.
(56) Three days in the belly of the sea monster {Leviathan} entangled in filth was required before repentance came. Is the church more cleaver than that?
(57) The power of Jonah’s words saved a city and thousands of souls. Will the “sign of Jonah” be given to the church?
(58) In the times of greatest light there will the greatest darkness, even gross darkness. Evangelism is done in the darkness in order to bring light. If the light that is in you becomes darkness how great is that darkness.
(59) We can hold to faith yet walk at a distance from Him or by our faith we can walk with Him. In the time ahead the difference will be visible.
(60) Those who call upon God as their servant to do their will, will be totally confused. God doesn’t exist for the church but the church exists for Him.
(61) Knowing God from a safe distance will be revealed as deception. Those who work without God, work in vain.
(62) Jesus is knocking at the door of His church but who will open the door to sup with Him?
(63) Remember that even Lucifer dwelt in God’s presence and saw His glory but turned into the devil. Pride did it’s work.
(64) The exposing of our evil ways is the path of life.
(65) Falling as a dead man in His presence gives us the power to stand for truth.
(66) Every day that God withholds His judgement from the earth is the manifestation of His mercy.
(67) The basis of overcoming is in using our time wisely. Wasted time defeats the overcoming life.
(68) If we do not deny ourselves we will grow cold and refuse the cross and end up denying Him.
(69) God receives the humble and resists the proud while Satan receives the proud and resists the humble. God blesses His and Satan blesses his and we should be able to see the difference.
(70) God shows severity to the proud but gives grace to the humble. Behold the kindness and severity of God. Discerning the difference is the way of life.
(71) Satan is still offering prosperity to those who will fall down and serve him. Even to the kingdoms of this world! We must discern which kingdom is which.
(72) Compromising truth for the purpose of prosperity is not the Kingdom way.
(73) When the floods come we must be rid of every millstone around our neck. We must be free to enter the waters to swim in.
(74) Paradox; Learning the reality of heaven while living in the earthly environment. To stand on earth and see as He sees!
(75) Christ is our life and apart from Him there is no life.
(76) Christ is truth and apart from Him there is deception.
(77) The true knowledge of Christ is the way of life.
(78) Looking for Jesus is not the same thing as fixing our eyes on Jesus.
(79) Those who love the Lord obey Him without being commanded.
(80) We may command obedience but we cannot command love.
(81) Those who love Him seek Him and come to Him just to be with Him.
(82) Those who come to Him must fight their way through many obstacles. Those who overcome find Him.
(83) Love requires relationship. To say you love me without knowing me is foolish. If we truly love God it will manifest in worship and obedience.
(84) Those who seek God will love Him more and those who love Him will seek Him.
(85) Wisdom manifests as obedience in the fear of God. The fulness of wisdom is obedience out of our love for God.
(86) Even our humility is a gift of God if we consider that humility is the result of God dealing in our lives.
(87) It is wisdom to ask God for wisdom.
(88) When we are walking in truth we will know the reality of His presence because He is Truth and the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth.
(89) The Lord of Glory is also the Lord of the Sabbath. It is in rest that we behold His glory.
(90) The rhema, the now word, comes from His voice which is the manifestation of His presence. (91) Those who claim to know Him but have no idea what He is saying is deception.
(92) To truly know what He is doing we must also know His presence.
(93) If our love for Him is not growing stronger, it is growing colder.
(94) If we are not walking in the true light we are walking in the true darkness.
(95) Since He is the source of LIFE, we can only maintain our life in Him as we stay in fellowship with Him.
(96) Plowing when we should be sowing and sowing when we should be reaping is the result of losing touch with His presence.
(97) The things that God permits to confront and test us can be the answer to our prayer of wanting to know Him.
(98) To hear His words and not obey them is like taking a bath without soap. We are wet but no cleansing takes place.
(99) Because God does not make His judgements upon our actions quickly we may thing that we got away with something that will cause us eternal loss.
(100) Those who love sin are wasting their time calling upon God to deliver them from the sin they love. God delivers us from our enemies not our friends.
(101) Those who love God and love His judgements will be judged quickly so they will not suffer eternal loss.
(102) It is one thing to have the life of God but quite another to stand in trial, prevail over discouragement, overcome in life and push back darkness with His light.
(103) Faith is the full conviction that light will overcome darkness.
(104) There are two seeds in the world. One produces life and the other produces death. Both produce a harvest that is known in every generation.
(105) Both wheat and tares are planted in the same field but have different eternal destinies.
(106) Each seed produces a harvest and multiplies seed for greater harvest. Either good or bad.